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44th Annual Meeting of the AADR
93rd Annual General Session of the IADR
Boston, MA, March 11-14th, 2015

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

The following is a list of the standard due dates for competing applications for NIH:

  Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III
R01 (New) Feb 5 June 5 Oct 5
R01 (Resubmission, Revision, Renewal) Mar 5 July 5th November 5th
R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 (New) Feb 16 June 16 October 16
R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 (Resubmission, Revision, Renewal) March 16 July 16 Nove 16
R13/U13 (All) April 12 Aug 12 Dec 12



News & Notices

Congratulations to Drs Lenahan, Wells , Scarbecz on co-authoring the article: A retrospective study of 248 pediatric oral sedations utilizing the combination of meperidine and hydroxyzine for dental treatment in  Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 20l14; in press.

Congratulations toDrs Wicks , Ahuja , Jain , and Selecman on co-authoring the article: Stable thermoplastic pressure formed record bases in J Prosthet Dent 2014; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Verissimo , Santos-Filho, Tantbirojn , Versluis , Soares on co-authoring the article: Modifying the biomechanical response of mouthguards with hard inserts: a finite element study in Am J Dent 2014; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Hong , Liu , Hottel, Hoff , and Cai on co-authoring the article: Neighborhood socioeconomic context and emergency department visits for

dental care in a U.S. Midwestern metropolis in J Public Health 2014; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Simon,Dehghan , Tantbirojn on co-authoring the article: A systematic approach: Performing what they learned in J Cosmetic Dent 2014;30(3)Fall:70-71, 2014.

Congratulations to Dr. Simon who published the article: Principles of adhesion and bonding., in Inside Dentistry 2014;10(Nov): 88-93.

Congratulations to Drs. Ferreira C, Babu J, Migliorati E, Stein S and Garcia-Godoy F on co-authoring: Assessment of the effect of CO2 laser irradiation on the removal of bacteria seeded on commercially available and blasted acid-etched titanium dental implants: an in vitro study. International Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Implants 2014; in press

Congratulations to Drs de Melo EV, Kauling A , Freitas SF, Cardoso AC, Ferreira CF on co-authoring: The ability of dental specialists to distinguish lateral incisor metal-free from porcelain-fused-to-metal implant supported crowns.Eur J Prosthodont Restor Dent 2014; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Kim JW, Ha JH, Cheung GSP, Versluis A, Kwak SW, Kim HC on co-authoring: Safety of the factory preset rotation angle of reciprocating instruments. J Endod 2014; 40:1671-1675.

Congratulations to Drs Francis AV, Braxton AD, Ahmad W, Tantbirojn D, Simon JF, Versluis A on co-authoring: Cuspal flexure and extent of cure of a bulk-fill flowable base composite. Operative Dentistry, 2014 in press.

Congratulations to Drs Tylka D on co-authoring: the e-book: iOcclusion, a primer for students of occlusion. American College of Prosthodontists Task Force on Occlusion Education, 2014.

Congratulations to Dr.Farahani, her presentation:Neuropilin-1 and oral squamous cell carcinoma was accepted for the poster and the poster discussion session on drug targets during the West Cancer / University of Tennessee Health Science Center- 2014 Cancer Research Symposium on November 4, 2014, Germantown, TN.

Congratulations to Dr. Ivanoff, he has been invited to participate as a plenary lecturer at the Anniversary Scientific Conference at the Medical University of Plovdiv in May 2015.

Congratulations to Drs.  Ahuja, Babu, Wicks, Garcia-Godoy and Tipton on their paper recently accepted for publication: Cytotoxic effects of three denture base materials on gingival epithelial cells and fibroblasts: An in vitro study. International Journal of Experimental Dental Science (IJEDS) 2014; in press.

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