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44th Annual Meeting of the AADR
93rd Annual General Session of the IADR
Boston, MA, March 11-14th, 2015

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

The following is a list of the standard due dates for competing applications for NIH:

  Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III
R01 (New) Feb 5 June 5 Oct 5
R01 (Resubmission, Revision, Renewal) Mar 5 July 5th November 5th
R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 (New) Feb 16 June 16 October 16
R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 (Resubmission, Revision, Renewal) March 16 July 16 Nove 16
R13/U13 (All) April 12 Aug 12 Dec 12



News & Notices


Congratulations to Drs Umsted, Ragain, Wicks on co-authoring the article: Combination PRDP: A case report of a hybrid flexible and traditional partial removable dental Prosthesis, in the journal: J Tenn Dent Assoc 2015; in press

Congratulations to Drs Pameijer CH, Garcia-Godoy F, Morrow BR, Jefferies SR on co-authoring the article:  Flexural Strength and Flexural Fatigue Properties of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomers in the journal:   J Clin Dent 2015;26:23-27.

Congratulations to Drs Shambarger , Johnson , Versluis-Tantbirojn , Bowles, McClanahan on co-authoring the article: The incidence of furcation region patency in molars before and after simulated periodontal therapy in the journal:  Northwest Dentistry 2015; March-April 94(2):27-32

Congratulations to Drs Wilson R, Urraca Nora, Skobowiat  C, Donaldson M, Seagroves T, Reiter L on co-authoring the article:  Assessment of the tumorigenic potential of spontaneous and hTERT-immortalized cultured dental pulp stem cells in the journal:   Stem Cells and Translational Medicine 2015; in press

Congratulations to Drs Donly KJ, Garcia-Godoy F on co-authoring the article:  The use of resin-based composite in children: An update, in the journal:  Pediatr Dent 2015;37:136-143.

Congratulations to Drs Liu J-Y, Chen X, Yue L, Huang G T-J, Zou X-Y on co-authoring the article: CXCR4 is expressed paravascularly in apical papilla and coordinates with SDF-1  during transmigration of SCAP. Journal of Endodontics 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Scarbecz M, Seeberg MS on co-authoring the book chapter: The challenges of effective student reflection in a pre-doctoral dental communication simulation course, in the book entitled: Keeping Reflection Fresh: A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators. Kent State University Press (the Press) for publication in 2016.

Congratulations to Drs Umsted D, Ragain J on co-authoring the article: Flexible removable partial dentures - What is their place in the contemporary dental practice? Arkansas Dent J 2015; in press

Congratulations to Drs Vassar JW, Karydis A, Trojan T, Fisher J on co-authoring the article: Dentoskeletal effects of a temporary skeletal anchorage device supported rapid maxillary expansion appliance (TSADRME). Angle Orthodontist 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Wasson WWoods MA, Holder-Ballard C, Aubertin M, Lewis, MW, Ross J, Scarbecz M, Himel V on co-authoring the article: Seeking to understand the reader of interest–your patient–health literacy and adherence concerns for the dentist and the dental/medical team. J Tenn Dent Assoc 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Drs Pereira RA, Bicalho AA, Tantbirojn D, Versluis A, Franco SD, and Soares CJ on co-authoring; Effect of restorative protocol on cuspal strain and residual stress in endodontically treated molars in the journal Operative Dentistry 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Drs. Lewis MW, Braxton AD, Wasson W on co-authoring the article: Anterior esthetic restoration utilizing prefabricated composite veneers in the journal: Dentistry Today 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Drs. Campos RE, Soares PV, Versluis A, de Oliveira OB Jr., Ambrosano GMB, Nunes IF on co-authoring the article:  Crown fracture: failure load, stress distribution and fractographic analysis in the journal:  J Prosthet Dent 2015; in press.

Congratulations to Dr. Ragain on publishing the article: A Review of Color Science in Dentistry: The Process of Color Vision in the journal: J Dent Oral Disord Ther 2015;3(1): 1-4.

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