Dental Research Administration

875 Union Avenue, 1st Floor | (901) 448-6200

DR. FRANKLIN GARCIA-GODOY, D.D.S., M.S., PH.D., PH.D | (901) 448-6202

Please consult Dr. Garcia-Godoy directly with questions regarding:

  • Protocol development
  • Research strategy and specific aims for grant proposals
  • Potential faculty collaborations and sponsorships
  • Research mentoring opportunities
  • Equipment inquiries

Yanhui Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Grants & Research Manager | (901) 448-2210

Please contact Yanhui with questions regarding:

  • Grant proposals/contracts submission through Cayuse/Evisions
  • Award Notices /accounts
  • Grant writing/protocol formatting
  • Budget development/account management
  • Institutional research approvals (IACUC, IBC)
  • Contracts (including CDAs, MTAs, research contracts)
  • UT Dental Alumni Endowment Fund (proposal development/budgetary oversight)
  • UTCoD Research reporting

Colette W Stewart RDH BS MSOL, Clinical Research Associate

Email: | Phone: (901) 448-2794

Please contact Colette W Stewart with questions regarding:

  • Institutional research approvals (IRB)
  • Clinical research (recruitment/marketing, logistics, sampling)