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Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs448-4930
Accounting & Budget448-1481
Accounts Payable448-4822
Admissions - UTK Undergrad448-8289
Allied Health Sciences, Dean448-5581
Alumni Affairs448-5516
Anatomy & Neurobiology448-5965
Animal Care and Use448-3904
Audiology & Speech Pathology865-974-5019
Benefits - Employee448-5601
Biologic & Diagnostic Sciences448-6227
Biomedical Engineering & Imaging448-7099
Biomedical Instrumentation448-5652
Biostatistics & Epidemiology448-8220
Blackboard Support448-1927
Boling Ctr. for Dev. Disabilities448-6511
Bookstore 448-5623
Building Services448-5661
Bursar’s Office448-5550
Business Contracts448-2072
Business, Finance and Faculty - Chattanooga 423-778-7840
Campus Police448-4444
Campus Police Administration448-5679
Campus Recreation448-5069
Cancer Institute725-1785
Cardiovascular Diseases448-5759
Catering/Dining Services448-5626
Chancellor’s Office448-4796
Chemical Disposal448-6115
Chief of Staff / Exec. Vice Chancellor448-4797
Child Care Program448-6586
Classroom Support Services - GEB448-6960
Clinical &Translational Science Inst.448-2101
Clinical Laboratory Sciences448-6304
Clinical Pharmacy, Dept. of448-5100
Clinical Research Center516-2212
Colon and Rectal Surgery - Chattanooga423-778-7695
Communications & Marketing448-5544
Community Affairs448-1164
Comparative Medicine448-5656
Compensation 448-5600
Computer Graphics - Chattanooga423-778-7815
Computing & Telecommunications448-2222
Connective Tissue448-5774
Continuing Medical Education 423-778-6884
Copy Connection - GEB448-4377
Custodial Services448-5203
Dental Auxiliary Utilization448-6608
Dental Hygiene448-6230
Dental Insurance448-6224
Dental Laboratory448-6472
Dental Maintenance448-4179
Dental Research Center448-6167
Dentistry, Dean448-6202
Dentistry Clinic - Information448-6468
Dentistry Clinic - New Patients448-6241
Dining Services 448-5626
Diseases of Connective Tissue, Ctr448-5774
Distance Education448-5062
Drug Information Center448-5555
Emergency Medicine545-8699
Emergency Medicine - Chattanooga423-778-7628
Employment Office448-5600
Endocrinology, Academic Office448-2608
Endodontics & Operative Dentistry448-6271
Enrollment Services - Admissions448-5560
Enrollment Services - Financial Aid-Student448-5560
Enrollment Services - Registrar’s Office448-5560
Equity and Diversity448-2112
Experimental Pathology, Division of448-2491
Facilities Administration448-5507
Faculty Affairs - Medicine448-5506
Faculty Senate Support448-2661
Family Medicine448-5899
Family Medicine Billing1-800-640-7589
Family Medicine - Chattanooga423-778-2957
Family Practice - Jackson731-423-1932
Family Practice - St. Francis448-0275
Family Practice - Tipton476-4457
Finance & Operations448-5523
Flow Cytometry Core Lab448-6527
GEB Information Center448-6960
General Counsel448-5615
General Internal Medicine448-1529
General Stores448-6152
Geriatric Medicine - Chattanooga423-778-2957
Goodman Family Residence Hall448-5690
Graduate & Medical Student Education - Chattanooga423-778-7442
Graduate Health Sciences, Dean448-5538
Graduate Medical Education448-5364
Grad. Sch. of Medicine (Knoxville)865-305-9290
Graphic Services448-5553
Grounds & Logistical Services448-5661
Health Informatics & Info. Mgmt448-6486
Help Desk (Computer)448-2222
History and Archives448-1912
Hospice & Palliative Medicine - Chattanooga423-553-1815
Human Resources448-5600
Human Subjects Protection448-1869
Human Values & Ethics448-5700
Infectious Diseases448-5770
Information Technology Services448-2222
Institutional Research448-4930
Institutional Review Board448-4824
Institutional Review Board - Chattanooga423-778-3818
Instructional Laboratories - GEB448-6392
Insurance - Employee448-5577
Insurance - Student448-4860
Integrative & Translational Genomics, Ctr for448-2656
Internal Audit448-1435
Internal Medicine - Chattanooga 423-778-2998
International Affairs/Immigr. Info448-8484
Lab Animal Care Unit448-5656
Library Administration448-5694
Lock & Key Services448-4441
Mail Services448-5633
Mass Spectrometry Core Lab448-3414
Medicine, Dean - Chattanooga423-778-7628
Medicine, Dean - Knoxville865-305-9290
Medicine, Dean - Memphis448-5529
Medicine, Department of448-5752
Medicine, Executive Dean448-5529
Memphis Lung Research Program448-5864
Micro-CT Core Laboratory523-8990, Ext. 6444
Molecular Resource Center448-6191
Molecular Sciences448-6150
Motor Pool448-5857
Multimedia Laboratory (Library)448-6817
Network Services448-8460
Neuroscience Graduate Program448-8497
Neuroscience Institute448-5960
Neuroscience Stout Lab448-5488
Newborn Center448-5950
Nursing, Dean448-6135
Obstetrics & Gynecology448-2531
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Chattanooga423-778-7515
Occupational Health448-5630
Occupational Therapy448-8393
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology448-5876
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery448-6233
Orthopaedic Surgery448-5880
Orthopaedic Surgery - Chattanooga423-778-9008
Orthopaedic Trauma - Chattanooga423-778-9008
Parking Services448-5546
Payroll 448-3401
Pediatric & Community Dentistry448-6206
Pediatric Pharmacokinetics & Therapeutics, Center for448-5100
Pediatrics - Chattanooga423-778-6185
Pharmaceutical Sciences448-6027
Pharmacy, Dean448-6036
Physical Plant448-5661
Physical Therapy448-5888
Planned Giving448-5516
Plastic Surgery448-1350
Plastic Surgery - Chattanooga423-778-9047
Police, Campus448-4444
Post Office448-5633
Postdoc Office448-2661
Preventive Medicine448-5900
Printing and Graphic Services448-5553
Professional Office Buildings448-3400
Purchasing Services448-5594
Radiation Oncology545-7730
Radiation Safety448-6114
Radiology - Chattanooga423-778-7371
Records Management448-8471
Recreation Center448-5069
Regional Forensic Center544-7200
Research Administration448-5587
Research Compliance448-2164
Research Compliance - - Chattanooga423-778-3899
Research Grants - Chattanooga423-778-8102
Restorative Dentistry448-6380
Safety Affairs448-4873
Scheduling - Classroom448-6960
Scientific Editing448-5051
Services for Students with Disabilities448-5056
Sigma XI448-6265
Social Work, College of448-4463
Space Planning and Utilization448-7248
Sponsored Projects Accounting448-5571
Student Academic Support Services448-5056
Student Affairs, Office of - Allied Health Sciences448-5581
Student Affairs, Office of - Dentistry448-6200
Student Affairs, Office of - Graduate Health Sciences448-5538
Student Affairs, Office of - Medicine448-5684
Student Affairs, Office of - Nursing448-6125
Student Affairs, Office of - Pharmacy448-6120
Student Affairs, Office of - Social Work448-4463
Student Alumni Center448-5614
Student Government Association448-4860
Student Housing448-5690
Student Life448-4860/5610
Student Loans & Collections448-6773
Summer Science Research448-8418
Surgery - Chattanooga423-778-7695
Surgical Critical Care - Chattanooga423-778-7695
Surplus Property448-2955
Telecom. Devices for the Deaf448-7382
Telehealth Center448-4330
Telephone Services448-5858
Tennessee Institute for Pre-Professionals (TIP)448-8772
Test Scoring448-1606
Tissue Services Core448-1928
Training & Development448-5601
Transitional Year - Chattanooga423-778-6670
University Dental Practice448-6476
University Health Services448-5630
University Therapists448-6438
UT College of Medicine Chattanooga423-778-6956
UT Research Foundation448-7827
Vascular Biology Center448-4350
Vascular Surgery - Chattanooga423-778-7695
Viral Vector Core Laboratory 448-2087

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UT Medical Group, Inc

Accounting, Finance and866-8015
Allergy/Immunology - Adult448-7002
Allergy/Immunology - Pediatric448-2010
Anesthesiology, Dir. of Operations448-5156
Billing (Patient Account Services)866-8813
Burn Center545-8999
Cardiology - Adult448-7700
Cardiology - Pediatric287-5092
Cardiothoracic Surgery, Adult725-9450
Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pediatric287-5995
Center for High-Risk Pregnancies866-8085
Chairman, Board of Director448-5529
Chief Exec. Officer & President866-8028
Chief Financial Officer866-8026
Chief Information Officer866-8027
Chief Medical Officer866-8025
Chief Operating Officer866-8026
Child Health Services, VP287-6084
Clinical Research Office448-6977
Colon and Rectal Surgery347-8270
Compliance Hotline866-8385
Comprehensive Gynecological Ctr866-8220
Contract and Legal Services866-8363
Cosmetic Surgery347-8290
Critical Care - Adult866-8803
Critical Care - Pediatrics287-6382
Developmental Pediatrics448-6511
Directory Maintenance866-8381
Emergency Medicine545-8699
Emergency Med., Dir, Operations448-2486
Employee Assistance (EAP)683-5658
Endocrinology - Pediatric866-8819
Endovascular Surgery448-4100
Epilepsy Center866-8823
Facilities Management866-8361
Family Medicine - St. Francis866-8812
Family Medicine - Tipton476-4457
Finance and Accounting866-8015
Forms Design and Orders866-8381
Gastroenterology - Adult866-8807
Gastroenterology - Pediatric866-8821
General & Oncologic Surgery725-1921
Genetics - Pediatric866-8818
Germantown Office347-8100
Graphic Design866-8382
Gynecological Ctr, Comprehensive866-8220
Gynecology, Germantown347-8320
Gynecology, Medplex866-8814
Hamilton Eye Institute448-6650
Health Information - Psychiatry448-2411
Help Desk, Information Systems866-8888
Hematology - Adult448-6454
Hematology - Pediatric287-5397
High-Risk Pregnancies Center866-8085
Human Resources866-8100
Infectious Diseases - Adult866-8808
Infectious Diseases - Pediatric287-5136
Information, General866-8864
Information Systems, Help Desk866-8888
Internal Medicine866-8801
LINK Newsletter866-8383
Managed Care Contracting866-8371
Marketing Communications Director 866-8379
Marketing & Managed Care, VP866-8390
Maternal Fetal Medicine448-3700
Medical Records448-6530
Medical Records - Psychiatry448-2411
Medicine, Director of Operations448-8209
Medplex Clinic Appointments545-6969
Minimally Invasive Surg, G’Town747-2312
Nephrology - Adult866-8810
Nephrology - Pediatric866-8822
Neurology - Adult866-8811
Neurology - Pediatric866-8823
OB/GYN, Director of Operations448-7479
OB/GYN, Germantown347-8320
OB/GYN, Medical Center866-8814
Office of Clinical Research448-6977
Ophthalmology, Dir. of Operations347-8250
Otolaryngology, Dir. of Operations347-8250
Otolaryngology, Germantown347-8220
Otolaryngology, Pediatric287-4400
Patient Advocate866-8365
Pediatrics, Clinic Manager287-6182
Pediatrics, Director of Operations287-5599
Pediatrics - General866-8815
Plastic Surgery347-8290
Privacy Officer866-8366
Psychiatry, Adult448-2400
Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent448-5944
Psychiatry, Director of Operations448-2486
Public Relations866-8383
Pulmonary Medicine - Adult866-8803
Pulmonary Medicine - Pediatric866-8814
Radiology, Dir. of Operations448-5377
Radiology, Interventional448-1714
Radiology, Pediatric287-6041
Reproductive Genetics347-8320
Revenue Services -Customer Serv866-8805
Rheumatology - Adult866-8809
Rheumatology - Pediatric866-8824
Risk Management, Healthcare866-8345
Sleep Medicine866-8803
Surgery, Director of Operations448-2463
Surgery, General347-8270
Thoracic Oncology Surgery347-8270
Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery725-9540
Transplant Institute516-9183
Trauma Surgery545-6969
Urology, Director of Operations287-5599
Urology, Germantown Clinic347-8350
Urology, Methodist South259-2800
Vascular Surgery448-4100
Web Manager, Interim866-8381
Wound Care Center545-8999

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