Emergency Actions Information

Quick Reference Checklist

Fire or Fire Alarm:

  • ACTIVATE the building alarm system upon detecting a fire or visible smoke and immediately evacuate the building.
  • REPORT ALL FIRES, regardless of size (even if extinguished); smoke; or fire alarms on campus to the Campus Police Department by dialing 448-4444. Be prepared ti state your location and the nature/severity of the emergency.

Medical Emergencies

Request an ambulance and medical assistance on campus by dialing 448-4444. Be prepared to state your location and the nature/severity of the emergency.

Bomb Threats

Report bomb threats or the discovery of suspicious objects or devices on campus by dialing 448-4444.  Be prepared to state your location.  Do not use cell phones within 300 feet of the suspected location!

All Other Emergencies

All other emergencies on campus may also be reported by dialing 448-4444. Be prepared to state your location.


Alert the building occupants and move to the safest place in your building and/or complex.  DO NOT PULL THE FIRE ALARM - do not leave the safety of the building. 

  • Seek shelter in the middle of the building.  Take cover under heavy furniture or in an interior hallway against a strong, inside wall on the lowest floor. Do not attempt to drive.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency response personnel or remain in the hallway until the Campus Police, Safety Officer, Fire Department, Emergency Management, or other emergency response personnel give the all clear.

Persons with Disabilities:

If you have a disability, you should notify your instructor in each of your classes or your supervisor that you have a disability and will require assistance in case of an emergency.

Instructors or supervisors must notify emergency response personnel, either police or fire department, of any persons with disabilities in their classes or area of responsibility.

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