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Safety Alerts

Guardian App

The Guardian App is one of the best ways to improve your personal safety and make campus a safer community.  It provides rapid and proactive communications with friends, family, co-workers, UTHSC PD, and 9-1-1 in the event of emergency.

Guardian Features:

  • Set a safety timer. Notify people you trust to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place.
  • Manage and message your guardians. Invite family, friends, or others to be your guardian, and communicate with them within the app if needed.
  • Easy emergency communication. Call safety officials directly for help if you are in trouble and send text tips—including photos—if you see something suspicious.  UT Alerts can also be received through the app notifications.
  • Send a Tip. Send a crime tip or report suspicious activity through text and images directly to UTHSC PD. UTHSC PD will be able to contact you to follow up as needed. Text tip should not be used for ongoing emergencies or for reporting being a victim of a crime. Call 911!

Download the UT app at the Google Play, or Apple App Store to receive the Guardian app.

Users will be prompted to set up their Guardian account and create a safety profile. Use your UTHSC email address to access the UTHSC-specific interactive features and allow notifications to receive UTHSC Alert messages through the app.

Alerts to the app are delivered using WiFi and will work in the event that text delivery is impacted by issues with cellular connectivity.


The University employs a variety of methods to notify the campus community of dangerous situations and major interruptions in campus operations.  Examples are:

  • UTHSC Alert Text/Email 
  • ALERTUS - emergency notification messages to the desktop of computers on the UTHSC network through the Alertus client software. 

UT System Reconnect

The UT System Reconnect website offers a way to register and share information during an emergency. 

  • One of the biggest challenges the campus will face in a major emergency is helping the campus community and the university extended family get information about the safety of students, faculty and staff and ultimately help them reconnect following a disaster.
  • You play the biggest role in making this possible. Following an emergency, it is critical that students, faculty and staff reach out to concerned love ones and let them know they are safe. The campus has procedures in place to help, but the reality of campus life makes perfect accountability impossible.

Last Published: Nov 27, 2017