The Office of Student Affairs offers counseling and provides a number of programs designed to address students' needs and concerns with regard to the following issues: academic, career, and personal.

Academic Counseling

This area of counseling relates to issues that may affect a student's overall academic performance. The academic curriculum can be, at times, be very stressful for students, especially those just beginning medical school. The Office of Medical Education has a number of resources available to help students through these times. Students requiring assistance with their academic needs should not hestitate to contact the Office of Medical Education at (901) 448-5506.

Career Counseling

Career counseling offers advice and strategies as it relates to a student's career choice, including residency placement.

You wanted to become a doctor so you applied to medical school and were accepted into the UT College of Medicine. Now the question remains: "What kind of doctor will you become?" With such a large number of specialties available how will you know which specialty best suits you and how do you go about obtaining a residency in that specialty?

These decisions do not need to be made right away. A specialty choice isn't usually made until the beginning of the fourth year and other decisions may not be made until you finish your residency training. But we certainly don't suggest that you wait until the last minute to begin the thought process.

For more information, visit our career counseling page.

Career Planning Timeline

M-1 Year

  • Brief orientation during August orientation week.
  • 2nd semester class meeting for introduction to Careers in Medicine (CiM) program and overview to four year career planning.
    Begin CiM Phase I (Self-Assessment)

M-2 Year

  • Beginning 1st semester and running through 2nd semester, AMSA sponsored lunches featuring invited community specialists.
  • 2nd semester CiM follow-up, complete CiM Phase I and begin CiM Phase II (Career Exploration) working with faculty advisors.
  • 2nd semester preparation for 3rd year focusing on specialty interest during the third year core clerkships.

M-3 Year

  • 1st semester meeting with COM alumni during Fall alumni week (November).
  • 1st semester Career Day (December) during which individuals may select up to four specialty breakout sessions to pursue in depth specialty information.
  • 2nd semester meeting with faculty advisors to discuss CiM Phase III (Decision Making).
  • 2nd semester Strolling Through the Match (April) during which time the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) are reviewed in depth with staff from the Office of Student Affairs.
  • April 8 Post Match Wrap Up Powerpoint Presentation  Microsoft PowerPoint link icon
  • 2013 STTM Powerpoint Presentation  Microsoft PowerPoint link icon
  • For questions about applying for residency: visit our Residency Contact Information page

M-4 Year

  • 1st semester CiM Phase IV (Implementation). Meeting with authors of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and final discussion of specialty choice.
  • 2nd semester Match Day (March)

Personal Counseling

Relates to personal issues that may inadvertently affect a student's overall academic performance.

Medical school can be both exciting and rewarding but it also can be very stressful for some. Even still, these stresses coupled with relationships, family and finances can prove to be overwhelming for others. To help students cope with these and other challenging issues, there are a number of "non-academic" support groups standing by. Sometimes just talking can make a difference; sometimes more intervention is required.

In either case, students can be assured that their conversations are kept strictly confidential and not made part of their student record. The Office of Student Affairs maintains an "open door" policy and encourages students to seek the help they need.

For additional information on the Faculty Mentor/Peer Counseling Program, contact Owen P. Phillips, M.D. , Associate Dean for Student Affairs

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