Student Organizations and Specialty Interest Groups

When groups of students wish to have a continuous association, intended to last beyond the term of those immediately involved, it is proper that they be required to qualify for and be recognized by the University. All recognized associations should be accorded the same privileges and bound by the same obligations. University recognition does not mean endorsement of the purposes or activities of any association by the faculty or administration. It means only that the association is accepted as meeting the minimum requirements set for all student associations.

Any student group seeking official registration by the University in order to utilize University facilities must
complete and return the following required documents to the Office of Student Life, 800 Madison Avenue, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38163 or simply by dropping by the office:

  1. Student organization registration request and update form
  2. Responsibilities of faculty advisors to student organizations
  3. A copy of your group's constitution and by-laws

Consult the CenterScope Student Handbook for instructions on how to prepare a constitution or by-laws, or contact the Office of Student Life for assistance. A complete description of the process for the registration of student organizations may be found in the Registration and Conduct of Student Organizations section in the CenterScope Student Handbook.

College of Medicine Officer Position Email Advisor
Aid for the Impaired Medical Student (AIMS)       Dr. Lawrence Madlock
American Medical Association Medical Student Section  Raj Budati Chapter President  
Mike Bright Vice President  
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)   David Copeland Co-President  
Cosby Arnold President  
Hannah Fish Vice President  
Anesthesiology Interest Group   Amelia Owens Co-President Dr. Robert Craft
Jason Johnson Co-President  
Tyler Jackson Vice President  
Best Buddies  Mallory Uekman President Dr. Melissa Hoffmann
Nikhita Jain Vice President  
Church Health Connect Stephanie Spurgat President Jerome W. Thompson
Council on International & Area Outreach (CIAO)  Leila Appel President Dr. Susan Brewer
Craig Bullington Co-President  
Emergency Medicine Interest Group  Taylor Stavely President Dr. Alan Taylor
Family Medicine Interest Group K.C. McGinley President Dr. Sarah Tiggelaar
Health Students Teaching Memphis Youth  Hannah Fish President Dr. Jeanie Dassow
Amanda Kull Vice President  
Healthcare Business Student Interest Group  Thomas Miller Beazley Officers Dr. Jerome Thompson
Scott Norman Wisniewski Officers  
Hematology/Oncology St. Interest Group Eric Vick President Dr. Mike Martin
Honor Council Daniel Sharbel
Daniel Wakefield
Andrew Cibulas [VP]
Brett George

James B. Lewis, MD
Internal Medicine Interest Group Justin Arunthamakun Co-President Dr. James B. Lewis
Omar Tamula
Dr. Renate Rosenthal
Medical Spanish Club    Danielle Kern Co-President Dr. Alicia Diaz-Thomas
James Humble Co-President  
Cathya Olivas Co-President  
Patty Ojeda Co-President  
Medical Student Executive Council (MSEC) Samantha Polly President Dr. Susan Brewer
Med-Peds Interest Group Joel Finley
Chris Wright
Marie Thompson and Monica Brint
Vice President
Community Service Co-Chairs
Dr. Natascha Thompson
Memphis Street Health Hannah Akalu
Coleman Breland
Robert Elrod
Ob/Gyn Interest Group

Ob/Gyn Podcast Seminar: 02/16/17
Goodwin Burgess


Dr. Owen Phillips
Elizabeth Trimble Co-President
Lindsay Morris Vice President
Otolaryngology Interest Group Daniel D. Sharbel Co-Chair Dr.Jerome Thompson
Pathology Student Interest Group    Co-Leader    
Natalie Guley Co-Leader  
Pediatric Interest Group  Elizabeth Altizer President Dr. Mark Bugnitz
Michael Edwards Vice President  
Phi Chi Fraternity  Hannah Lin President Dr. Susan Brewer
Kwame Nuako Vice President  
Radiology Interest Group of the UTHSC (DX) (Elections in the Fall semester) Trent Scott  President  Dr. Brian Green
Radiology Interest Group of the UTHSC (Interventional)  Jacob Hartline


Dr. Wes Angel 
Christopher Choe Vice President  
Reece McKenzie Secretary  
Zach Sherman Treasurer  
Student Committee on Research in Ed. (SCORE)  Sonia Ajmera President Dr. Matt Ennis
Amanda Currie Vice President

Student Interest Group in Dermatology  Jesalyn Tate President Dr. Robert Skinner
Beth Lee Vice President Dr. Robert Kaplan
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) Casey McCormick President Dr. Mervat Wahba
Student Interest Group in Ophthalmology (SIGIO)  Rutvi Patel President Dr. Bill Morris
Eric Sollenberger Vice President  
Student National Medical Association (SNMA)  Sammie Searcy President Dr. Gerald Presbury
Taylor Cravanas Vice President  
Student Orthopaedic Association  Wesley Owen President Dr. Karen Hasty
Eric Villareal Vice President  
Student Surgical Society   Ashley Dodd President Dr. Gayle Minard
Caroline Brown Vice President  
Kathryn Fowler Vice President  
Student to Student  Grant Muller President Dr. Claudette Shephard
Matt Grisham  
Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Diana Alsbrook President Dr. Roger LaBonte
UT Cardiology Interest Group Dennis Narcisse
Nicolas Ludi
Vice President

Dr. Dwight Dishmon
UT Medical Student Psychiatry Society Taiane Ferrari President Dr. Jyotsna Ranga
Dr. Khyati Kothari
UT Plastic Surgery Interest Group  Collin Howser President Dr. Robert Wallace 
Rebecca Thompson Vice President
UT Radiation Oncology Student Society(Elections in the Fall semester) Daniel Wakefield President Dr. Michael Farmer 
Tyler Verdell Vice President
UT Student Neurosurgical Society  Chesney Oravec President Dr. Madison Michael 
Jock Lillard Vice President
UT Students for Preventive Medicine   President   Dr. Susan Brewer
UTHSC Chapter of Physicians for a Diana Alsbrook President Dr Roger LaBonte
National Health Program Max Ofori Vice President  
UTHSC College of Medicine Medical Genetics Scott Ward President Dr. Jewell Ward
Interest Group Lindsay Morris Vice President Dr. Vicki Park
UTHSC Nature Conservancy  Matt Grisham Co-President 2017 Dr. Michael Whitt
Stephanie Spurgat Co-President 2017 Dr. Mark Miller
UTHSC Unite Priscilla Lothwell
Jason Breakfield
Charlie Boyle
College of Medicine Representative
Dr. Martin Donaldson
Dr. Nikki Dyer
Urology Interest Group Matt Davis
Andrew Tumen
Vice President
Dr. Robert Wake 
Wilderness, Austere and Rescue Medicine (WARM) Charlie Duke President Dr. Barbara Geater
Women In Medicine and Science (WIMS)    Sarah Allan President Dr. Suzanne Satterfield   
Annie Ameha Vice President
Abigail Lepsch Secretary  
Nandi Chihombori-Quao Treasurer