How PC-Ed Works

Observation by a PC-Ed coach is a volunteer program. You choose which aspects of your teaching will be coached and the observation focuses on those aspects.

First Step

Submit a request for coaching. On the request form you will be asked to specify at least one class time, date and location to be observed. If you are teaching several upcoming classes where you feel that observation would be productive, then please specify all of them to give coaches flexibility around their own schedules.

Second Step

A coach will contact you to schedule a pre-observation meeting. In this meeting, you will state the two or three specific aspects that will be the focus of the observation and discuss your goals for observation of these aspects. This session should take about 30 minutes and must occur before the class being observed. If this process is new to you, your coach will help you identify and define goals for the aspects that you would like to improve. For example

  • Engaging a student audience
  • Emphasizing main points
  • Improving the pace and flow of a presentation
  • Using PowerPoint or other teaching resources effectively
  • Using Clicker questions and polling effectively

Third Step

Your coach attends and observes the class that you selected. The class can be a regularly scheduled lecture or other teaching event. The observation focuses on the aspects that you identified.

Fourth Step

Post-observation feedback session with your coach scheduled 1-3 days after the observation. You'll meet with your coach and receive a brief written summary of recommendations for accomplishing the goals that you've set. You and your coach will discuss the summary and explore ways to meet your goals. The summary and feedback are confidential; PC-Ed coaches will not share it with anyone else.

You will receive a Letter of Completion by email. After the observation and feedback session you will receive documentation of your participation in this faculty development and teaching activity. Due to the confidential nature of the feedback, the letter does not include any other details.

Participation in PC-Ed qualifies as Teaching hours on the COM Teaching Effort Calculator and as one of the three faculty development activities for COM faculty

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PC-Ed Coaches

Lorraine Albritton, PhD
George Cook, PhD
Rod Hori, PhD
Mark Miller, PhD 
Ken Nishimoto, PhD
Vicki Park, PhD
Pat Ryan, PhD 
Susan Senogles, PhD