Honorary Degree Selection Committee for 2008 - 2009

Upon concurring with a recommendation by the nominating committee, the special committee will submit the candidate to the Chancellor/Provost for consideration.

  1. The special committee (Honorary Degree Selection Committee (Selection Committee) shall consist of five (5) faculty members selected on an annual basis by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee at its first meeting following the Faculty Senate annual business meeting.
  2. All members must be tenured faculty and current members of the Faculty Senate.
  3. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall appoint the Chair of the Selection Committee.
  4. A faculty member may not serve concurrent terms on both the Nominating Committee and Selection Committee.
  5. The Selection Committee shall review only those candidates recommended for honorary degrees by the Nominating Committee. Based on each candidate's merits and compliance with the UT Board of Trustees policy and UTHSC procedures, the Selection Committee will vote to concur with the recommendations of the Nominating Committee.
  6. A minimum of four (4) members of the committee must vote to approve each recommendation of the Nominating Committee for that candidate to be selected for submission to the Chancellor.
  7. The chair of the Selection Committee will send a letter to the nominator of any candidate not selected.
  8. The names and application of those candidates approved by the Selection Committee shall be submitted to the UTHSC Chancellor for consideration.
  9. All members of the Committee are required to function in a confidential manner, respecting the privacy of all candidates; those selected and those not selected.

The members of the Honorary Degree Selection Committee included:

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