Faculty Research Committee


Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, policies and recommendations related to the following:

  • Enhancement of the research environment;
  • Policies on research grants and funding;
  • Policies on copyrights and patents;
  • Policies on human and animal research;
  • Policies on scientific misconduct and fraud;
  • Development of interdisciplinary research;
  • Removal of impediments to research.


  • To work with the Vice Chancellor of Research to develop and implement the guidelines for the evaluation process of Bridge Funding.
  • To work with administration to upgrade research equipment; and/or obtain service contracts for research equipment.
  • Review and support equitable guidelines for research space allocation.
  • Continue review of Post-doctoral Trainee issues.
  • Support Research Faculty professional development, including publication, resource availability and grant support.
  • Review and make recommendations on how faculty are evaluated for research efforts.
  • Work to require that a portion of the F&A be returned to the investigator.

Members of Committee

Radhakrishna Rao (Chair) College of Medicine - Basic
Sarka Beranova College of Pharmacy
Reese Scroggs College of Medicine - Basic
Wen Lin Sun College of Medicine - Basic
Zheng Fan College of Medicine - Basic
Nadeem Shafi College of Medicine - Clinical
David Hamilton College of Medicine - Basic
Sajeesh Kumar College of Health Professions
Fridtjof Thomas College of Medicine - Clinical
Tamman ElAbiad College of Medicine - Clinical
Csaba Kovesdy  College of Medicine - Clinical
Reese Scroggs College of Medicine - Basic
Tim Saltuklaroglu College of Health Professions
Anthony Versluis College of Dentistry
Zhaohui (Sunny) Wu College of Medicine - Clinical
Junling Wang College of Pharmacy
Tracy McClinton College of Nursing

Contact Us

Faculty Senate President
Terrance G. Cooper, Ph.D.
Harriet S. Van Vleet Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Biochemistry
858 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 3863
Email: tcooper@uthsc.edu
Phone: Office (901) 448-6179
Phone: Lab    (901) 448-2882


Faculty Senate President Office
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