Faculty Computing Committee


  • To represent the faculty in reporting the computing needs and concerns of the faculty on the UTHSC campus regarding training, infrastructure and support;
  • Regularly update the Faculty Senate blackboard site regarding committee work;
  • Provide input to handbook committee for faculty computing sections.


  • Facilitate communication and collaboration for the Faculty with the CIO Committee/IT Department and Administration regarding technologies and resources available to the Faculty.
  • Provide input to IT on new and existing technologies, including training for those technologies, as they relate to faculty academic, research, and clinical computing.
  • Promote continued expansion of electronic access to campus resources and events (i.e. meetings) from off campus via web-casting or other remote conferencing technologies.
  • Promote improved payment for faculty on major software innovations and a replacement cycle for faculty and student lab computers.
  • Establish a working relationship with the new CIO.

Members of Committee

Bob Belland, Chair College of Medicine-Basic
Eddie Burton College of Dentistry
Laura Eison College of Allied Health Sciences
Ed Harris College of Dentistry
Edward Lazarus College of Medicine-Clinical
Song Hee Hong College of Pharmacy
Sajeesh Kumar College of Allied Health Sciences
Jami Smith College of Nursing
Jim Wan College of Medicine-clinical
Thad Wilson College of Medicine-Clinical

Contact Us

Faculty Senate President Office
George Cook, PhD
62 South Dunlap Rm 212
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901-448-6008