Educational Policy Committee


Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, policies and recommendations related to the following:

  • Honor Code;
  • Curricular and instructional goals;
  • Proposal, review, and approval of new programs and elimination of existing programs;
  • Development of interdisciplinary programs;
  • Standards for admission, retention, graduation, and grading;
  • Teaching awards.


  • Review teaching awards currently available in each College and recommend establishing additional College and University-wide awards if appropriate.
  • Establish a procedure for regular communication with Academic Affairs about new program development or proposals and changes to or elimination of existing programs.
  • Review proposals for new programs and provide feedback and make recommendations about those programs.
  • Establish guidelines for and monitor the use of SafeAssign plagiarism checking software by faculty and students.
  • Review and provide recommendations for changes to proposed policies and procedures for teaching metrics; provide a committee member for a UTHSC committee reviewing these policies if requested.
  • Provide a stable link between the faculty and the faculty resource center.

Members of Committee

Margaret Hartig, Chair College of Nursing
John Boughter College of Medicine - Basic
Lauren Mutrie College of Medicine - Clinical
Eric Nelson   College of Medicine - Clinical
Beth Choby College of Medicine - Clinical
Vijay Joshi College of Medicine - Clinical
Brent Haberman College of Medicine - Clinical
Jeff Phebus College of Dentistry
Anastasios Karydis College of Dentistry
Tim Self College of Pharmacy
Jackie Sharp College of Nursing
Wes Williamson College of Health Professions

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