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All enrolled students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center must have health insurance. Gerald Holland Insurance, Inc. is currently the agency for student health insurance coverage.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center in partnership with United Healthcare Insurance Company, is excited to announce the availability of the 2014-2015 Student Health Insurance Plan. We offer a student-focused health insurance plan that protects you at school, at home and while traveling or studying abroad. What Is The Health Insurance Plan All About? The following are highlights of The Injury and Sickness Plan coverage; more detailed information can be obtained in the Plan Brochure.

  • There is no overall maximum dollar limit on the policy.
  • $250 deductible per insured person per policy year
  • Access to a national network of preferred providers
  • 80% coverage for services rendered with United ’s preferred providers
  • Prescriptions covered with $5 Generic and $10 Brand Name copays.
  • Discounts on Value-Added services such as Vision and Alternative Health

Why Is A Student Health Insurance Plan Important? The University will not assume any financial responsibility for your medical bills, and you are strongly encouraged to maintain health insurance. If you have been covered by a parents' policy, please review it carefully to make certain you are still eligible for coverage. Employer plans often do not cover students after they reach a certain age, and HMO's may provide limited coverage when away from home. If you are not adequately covered, be sure to take advantage of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Student Injury and Sickness Plan by enrolling . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

The United Healthcare Insurance Company Customer Service Department at:


Gerald Holland Insurance
P.O. Box 328
Southaven, MS 38671

662-895-5549 (fax)
888-393-9500 (toll free)

Student Insurance Enrollment or Waiver Instructions

You have the option of maintaining your personal health insurance policy or enrolling in the campus sponsored insurance plan. UTHSC works with UnitedHealthcareexternal link to provide a simple and secure method for completing the online enrollment or waiver.


If you wish to enroll in the student insurance plan, visit UnitedHealthcare's Student Centerexternal link for UTHSC to begin. Note: On that page you can also enroll your family members as dependants at the Dependent Enrollment Formexternal link link. You will need to log in or create an account to do so.


If you wish to be covered by your personal health insurance policy and not enroll in the University Student Insurance Plan, you must complete the online waiver to opt out. You will be able to print a confirmation once the waiver has been submitted. If your waiver is not received and approved within the first 14 days of the semester, your student account may be billed for health insurance which is non-refundable.

To waive the enrollment in the student insurance plan, visit UnitedHealthcare's Student Centerexternal link for UTHSC to begin. On that page look for the UTHSC Waiver Request Formexternal link icon link.

Questions and Claim Inquiries

Please direct all questions and claims inquiries to Gerald Holland. He can also help you with questions regarding the terms and conditions of the UTHSC student health insurance policy.

Gerald Holland Insurance
P.O. Box 328
Southhaven, MS 38671
662-895-5549 (fax)
888-393-9500 (toll free)

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