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When is the SASSI library open for students to check-out books?

Students can check-out books during regular SASSI business hours (8-7pm Monday-Thursday, 8-5pm Friday, 10-5pm Saturday, and 2-6pm Sunday). Please note that the SASSI and the library are closed from 1-2pm daily for lunch.

How do I check out a book from SASSI?

Students can visit the SASSI library during operating hours to check-out books that might be helpful with their courses. You will need your UTHSC ID badge to check out books.

Once the information is in the system, you will just need your UTHSC ID badge to check out books. For more information on checking out books in SASSI, please see the Checkout Policies.

How long can a book be checked out?

Books can be checked out for the duration that a student is in a course, which is usually for 1 semester. We do ask that only books be checked out for courses currently enrolled. This allows students to have access to the SASSI resources along with their courses.

In order to support the use of SASSI books for COM rotations, books from only 1 rotation may be checked out to an individual at any given time. Books for a future upcoming rotation(s) cannot be checked out until past rotation books have been returned. Rotations include: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Neurology.

How many books am I able to check out at once?

Fifteen is the maximum number of books. We ask that students check out books only for the current semester’s courses. Please return any books not being used to provide access to other students.

Does SASSI have a book drop located on campus or do I have to go to the SASSI office to return a book?

Please return all SASSI library materials to the SASSI office. After regular business hours, please use the book drop located in the double doors found to the right of the SASSI office, directly across from the stairwell near the Dunn tunnel.

What exactly is the Reserve Room in SASSI?

The SASSI Reserve Room holds at least one copy of every book found in the SASSI library. These copies are available for students to use in the SASSI office only.

My laptop crashed and now I’'m unable to use it for my classes or while studying, would SASSI be able to loan me a laptop?

Yes, laptops may be checked out from SASSI for the day. Students must leave a form of ID for the duration of the loan. Laptops must be returned before the end of the SASSI office hours.

I am an incoming student and have heard that I can check out books at the SASSI library. When can I start checking out books?

Once you are assigned your student ID number (885…) you can check out books from the SASSI library.

May I write in the books I check out from the SASSI library?

We ask that you not write in the books. Most of the books in the SASSI are purchased through funds made available from other departments. We do realize that some of our books are marked up and in “well-used” condition; this is due to high usage as well as the fact that a large amount of our books are generously donated to us by students.

Do you have all of my required text books?

While there are some textbooks in the SASSI for use in the Reserve Room, the majority of the SASSI library contains books, resources, and materials for the purpose of assisting with learning more efficiently and providing opportunities to identify valuable learning approaches and strategies.

I have some books that I won’t be using anymore; may I donate these to SASSI?

Absolutely! Just come by SASSI and drop them off. Please be sure to fill out a donation form so that we can acknowledge your gracious gift!

How do I advocate for more books to be purchased for my College?

Purchasing of books is determined by usefulness and monetary constraints. Funding for the purchase of SASSI books is primarily through donation and support from the student groups like the SGAEC. If there are books that are particularly valuable for a class, please put in a Book Request at the SASSI front desk. Textbooks are usually not purchased for check-out but may be available in the Reserve Room.

Does the SASSI take recommendations for book orders?

If there are books that are particularly valuable for a class, please put in a Book Request.

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