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Office of Scientific Writing

The Office of Scientific Writing (OSW) is designed to assist research faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students in the writing of successful research grants and scientific manuscripts. The office supports the research faculty at our Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville campuses. The investigator must first complete a request form and provide a complete first draft to initiate the process.

The Scientific Writers work with investigators to sharpen the language so that the proposal or manuscript presents all of the science and specific aims of one’s research in a compelling manner, while being easy to read by reviewers. If a simple copy editing effort is all that’s required, the proposal or manuscript will be checked for typos, missing words, grammar, etc. – but the scientific content and structure of the manuscript will not be subject to revision unless this effort is specifically requested. See our FAQs webpage for more details about OSW services.

Currently, there are two Scientific Writers who can assist you: Richard Redfearn, PhD, Director of the Office of Scientific Writing, and Patti Smith, MPH, Scientific Writer, Center for Health System Improvement. Dr. Redfearn’s education and experience as a bioorganic and materials science investigator is suited to T0-T1 projects, closer to fundamental research. Ms. Smith has extensive writing experience, and her background in population health is most appropriate for the clinical, patient-centered side of the biomedical research spectrum, or T3-T4 research.

In terms of grant proposals, the work of the Office of Scientific Writing is to provide assistance on the Abstract, Specific Aims, Project Narrative, or any text-intensive section of your proposal. If you need help with grant budgeting or a budget justification, please contact the Office of Grants and Research Agreements.

Due to the anticipated high demand for services, we require a two-week lead-time for scientific writing assistance, prior to the internal submission deadline set by the Office of Grants and Research Agreements.

Please contact Dr. Richard Redfearn or Patti Smith directly to schedule a meeting regarding your writing project.

Last Published: Mar 10, 2017