Next Generation Sequencing

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Next Generation Sequencing Request Form

For pricing and experimental design, contact Bill Taylor. For sample handling, contact Caitlin Costelle.

  314 Chip 316 Chip 318 chip P1 Chip
Coverage 300K-550K reads 1-3 Million reads 2-5 Million reads 60-90 Million reads
Data File Size 30-100 MB 300 Mb-1 GB 500 Mb-2 GB ~15 GB
# samples # samples can be barcoded depends on coverage required
RNA Seq   2 µg of DNase treated RNA, for low input samples contact us
chIPseq 1.5 ng-30 ng of chIP DNA, for low input samples contact us
miRNAseq 2 µg of enriched miRNA or 3 µg of total RNA
Platform used will depend on the number of samples submitted.
Targeted Seq 200 ng-1 µg genomic DNA, platform used will depend on the number of samples.
Exomes   2 µg of genomic DNA
Whole Genome Sequencing   500 ng-2 µg genomic DNA, for low input contact us
Special Instructions Prior arrangements must be made for data analysis; RNA samples must be DNase treated before submitting; Samples must be quantified by fluorescence.
All RNA samples must have a RIN of 8 or better from Agilent Bioanalyzer, for low input samples contact us.