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Consent Forms

If you will be submitting a consent form for review by the UTHSC IRB, you must use one of the Microsoft Word templates listed below. The UTHSC IRB Consent Form templates include specific highlighted instructions that you should follow and then delete as you draft your consent form.

Take Note: 

  • For studies in which Genetic Analysis comprises only one component of the investigation, you may incorporate portions of the genetic analysis template into the main consent form so that you only have one consent form for the subjects to sign.
  • For studies that involve a Repository, a separate repository consent form must be developed utilizing the template below.
  • For studies in which you are requesting to not use a full-length consent form, you must request an alteration of consent in your application in order to utilize the Survey Consent Elements (e.g., online surveys).
  • The Translator's Declaration must be included with the submission of any non-English forms.

Last Published: May 10, 2018