Clinical Science

CAMPBELL researchers test effectiveness, safety of treatments in clinical trials

A research team working in a high-tech laboratory learns that a certain treatment helps bones heal in mice or tissue grow in pigs. But will it work in humans? And, is it safe? Those are two major questions that clinical trials can help answer.

Clinical trails are research studies that involve people. Because clinical trails are vital to the development of new and better musculoskeletal procedures, treatments, and devices to benefit patients, Campbell Clinic doctors and researcher participate in a variety of these important research projects.

Subjecting Theory to Reality

"Clinical trials are the best way for doctors to learn what is safe and effective in new devices, procedures, and treatments," said Dr. Terry Canale, President of The Campbell Foundation and Chairman of the Foundation’s Research Committee. "We can observe and assess whether a product or treatment produces the desired result, and how well it works, using very specific and consistent guidelines set forth in the trial. Thousands of people are helped each year as a result of clinical trials, and we participate because we want to help our patients and improve the practice of medicine."

The Campbell Foundation Research Committee received and approves applications for research projects from Campbell Clinic staff physicians and assisting residents, both for basic science and clinical trial projects. The Committee discusses the objective of the study, research method, possible outcome, benefits and funding needs. The Committee also reviews the status of current projects and the publication of completed research papers in national orthopaedic and medical journals.

Clinical Research

Osteoporosis Research
Joint Replacement
Sports Medicine
Trauma Research

Additional Trials

Campbell Clinic’s large patient base makes it a good site for recruiting participants in clinical trials.

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