June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Month 

President Barack Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation on May 29, 2015 proclaiming June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT) Pride Month. President Obama stated "As progress spreads from State to State, as justice is delivered in the courtroom, and as more of our fellow Americans are treated with dignity and respect -- our Nation becomes not only more accepting, but more equal as well. During Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, we celebrate victories that have affirmed freedom and fairness, and we recommit ourselves to completing the work that remains."

President Obama's administration "proudly stands alongside all those who fight for LGBT rights. Here at home, we have strengthened laws against violence toward LGBT Americans, taken action to prevent bullying and harassment, and prohibited discrimination in housing and hospitals. Despite this progress, LGBT workers in too many States can be fired just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity; I continue to call on the Congress to correct this injustice by passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act."

President Obama called "upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people."

Pride Month Events

Safe Zone Mixer

Date: June 15, 2016
Time: 9:00am-11:00am
Location: College of Pharmacy Room 118

As part the commemoration of LGBT Pride month the Safe Zone Mixer will provide a physical location to celebrate and honor the culture, history, lives, and accomplishments of LGBTQ peoples.

The Rainbow Mixer will provide resources and safe space for LGBTQ community and ALLY supporters. Attendees will participate an informal chat and have a cup of coffee or juice to start the day. The purpose of the Safe Zone Mixer is to provide brave space for all UTHSC students, faculty and staff.

Film: Kumu Hina

Hina screen shot

First Showing: June 8, 2016
Time: 9:00-10:30am
Location: Madison Plaza Conference Room C-1

Kuma Hina promo pic

Second Showing: June 22, 2016
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Location: Madison Plaza Conference Room C-1

Kumu Hina is a powerful film about the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture and values within the Westernized society of modern day Hawaiʻi. It is told through the lens of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident māhū, or transgender woman, and an honored and respected kumu, or teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader.

During a momentous year in her life in modern Honolulu, Hina Wong-Kalu, a native Hawaiian māhū, or transgender, teacher uses traditional culture to inspire a student to claim her place as leader of the school's all-male hula troupe. But despite her success as a teacher, Hina longs for love and a committed relationship. Will her marriage to a headstrong Tongan man fulfill her dreams? An incredible docu-drama that unfolds like a narrative film, Kumu Hina reveals a side of Hawai'i rarely seen on screen.