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Tissue Processing (Embedding & Sectioning)

Reichert Jung UltraCut E Microtome

lab equipment

Tissue can be embedded is Spurr's resin, Epon, or Epon/Araldite blends, as well as LRWhite for immunocytochemistry. This lab has experience processing many types of tissue, tissue slices, tissue cultures, and pellets. A variety of embedment methods are available, such as Beem or gelatin capsules, flat molds, and flat embedment.

Thin Sectioning

Thin sections, ranging from 50nm to 200nm in thickness, are routinely cut on the Reichert Jung UltraCut E microtome. Many types of grids are available to accommodate the investigators needs.

Semi-Thin Sectioning

Semi-thin sections, also called thick sections, are readily cut on the Reichert Jung UltraCut E microtome, using glass knives. Counter-staining with Toluidine Blue is available.

Location and Scheduling

Located on the 3rd floor of the Link building. Please visit the web calendar to schedule equipment use. New users, please contact T.J. Hollingsworth at 448-5976 or by for instructions and signup.

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Negative Staining

Negative staining can be done in the lab using uranyl acetate or phosphotungstic acid and viewed immediately on the electron microscope.

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Liquid Nitrogen Availability

Two large tanks of liquid nitrogen are on hand for those investigators who need it on the occasional basis.

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