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Students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center participate in 5 clinical internships designed to prepare the student to perform in a variety of practice settings following graduation. Students are required to complete at least one internship each in an acute, rehab and outpatient setting. Two internships (5 weeks each) are scheduled during the didactic portion of the curriculum and the last three internships (8 weeks each) occur after all coursework has been completed.

Internship sites are located across the country with the greatest number of clinical sites concentrated in West Tennessee. Assignments are made using a lottery system. Students are expected to travel and live in a variety of locations in order to complete all of the internship requirements and should be prepared to assume the financial and personal obligations associated with this travel.

Any facility interested in becoming a clinical site should contact Marie Hatten, Director of Clinical Education.

Marie Hatten, PT, DPT
Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 901.448.5888

Assignment of Clinical Sites

The University of Tennessee adheres to the APTA recommended universal mailing schedule when requesting clinical internship slots. Request forms are sent on March 1st of each year, requesting slots for the next calendar year.

Clinical internships are assigned through a lottery process. Sites will be notified if their facility has OR has not been selected approximately 6 months prior to the internship date.

If a clinical facility needs to cancel a student internship, please notify the University program as soon as possible to allow the program and student time to make alternative arrangements.

Privileges for Participants in our Program

Physical therapists who participate in our Clinical Education program are eligible to enroll in our continuing education/graduate courses at a reduced fee. Typically, each course lasts one weekend, and you are awarded 30 continuing education units. The normal fee is $600 per course, but for those who participate in our program, the cost is only $300! (Exclusion: Cost of Anatomy Cadaver Lab Course is reduced, but not by 50% due to the cost of the cadaver.) Class sizes are limited. For more information contact Carol Counts Likens, PT, PhD at

Contact Us

Marie Hatten, PT, DPT, OCS
Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 901.448.5888


Jacque Bradford, PT, DPT,
MS Assistant Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 901.448.5888