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Typical Curriculum in Epidemiology
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Typical Curriculum in Epidemiology

Year Fall Spring
First 811 BIOE: Biostatistics I (4)*
812 BIOE: Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
813 BIOE: Fundamentals of SAS for Epidemiology (3)
821 BIOE: Biostatistics II (4)
822 BIOE: Advanced Epidemiology (4)
Elective (1-3)
Second 800 BIOE: Master's Thesis and Research (3)
804 BIOE: Master's Project (3)
Elective (3)
Elective (3)
800 BIOE: Master's Thesis and Research (3) or
804 BIOE: Master's Project (3)
Elective (3)
Elective (3)

*Semester credit hours for course

Departmental Electives

Biostatistics Clinical Investigation
BIOE 810 Independent Study
BIOE 818 Mixed Linear Models
BIOE 829 Intro to GIS for use with Health-Related Data
BIOE 835 Resampling Methods for Biostatistical Analysis Using R Software
BIOE 837 clustered Data Models for Community Research
BIOE 839 Multiple Linear Regression
BIOE 840 Sect 4 Bayesian Approaches in Biostatistics
BIOE 840 Sect 8 SPSS software use in Medical Research
BIOE 841 Application of Statistical Methods Using R Software
BIOE 842 Applied Survival Analysis
BIOE 845 Biostatistics for the Biomedical Sciences
BIOE 847 Advanced SAS Programming
BIOE 862 Advanced Categorical Data Techniques
BIOE 810 Independent Study
BIOE 814 Health Behavioral Theory & Intervention Design
BIOE 815 Intro to Public Health & Preventive Med
BIOE 823 Randomized Clinical Trials
BIOE 824 Epigenetics
BIOE 830 Translational Science Implementation Case Studies
BIOE 834 Epi of Childhood Diseases
BIOE 838 Informatics Design for Clinical and Community Interventions
BIOE 840 Sect 2 NIH Grant Writing
BIOE 840 Sect 6 Recruitment & Retention of Ethnic Minority Participants in Research
BIOE 843 Healthcare Epidemiology
BIOE 844 Introduction to Health Policy
BIOE 846 Economics and Healthcare
BIOE 848 Professional Experience & Prior Learning
BIOE 849 Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Minimum Curriculum to Graduate: 36 credit hours consisting of the core required courses (24 credit hours including the 6 total credit hours for 800 BIOE or 804 BIOE/thesis or Research Project), elective courses (12 credit hours).

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