What is CoursEval™?

CoursEval™ is a database used for doing evaluations of courses, faculty, and/or students. It can also be used for surveys unrelated to specific courses. Currently, CoursEval™ is being used by the College of Graduate Health Sciences to evaluate courses with more than five students.

What is my NetID and why do I have to use it to login to CoursEval™?

Your NetID is the 8-character (or less) username assigned to you by the University of Tennessee. It is used to access systems such as iLogin and Webmail. The NetID is usually the part of the assigned email address before the @ sign.
You can look up NetIDs at http://directory.utk.edu/.
If you do not know your NetID password, you can contact the UTHSC HelpDesk at 901-448-2222 to have it reset.

Who has to complete a course evaluation?

CGHS policy states that any course with more than five students must conduct a course evaluation, and students must complete the evaluation before they can receive a grade in the course. Courses with five or fewer than students may conduct a course evaluation at the discretion of the course director. For the full policy, please browse to Policies and Procedures for Course Directors.

Can I use any kind of computer to access CoursEval™?

You may use any kind of computer with internet access.

What will I see when I log in?

That depends on your status.
Students logging in will see the following screen:

Hovering your mouse over any of the menu items on the right (Surveys, Other, Help) will provide various options. For example, if you want to get to surveys that you have completed, hover over Surveys and then select Completed Surveys.

Faculty logging in will see the following if there are reports from completed surveys:

NOTE: If you see a screen similar to that of the students’ login screen, there are no reports (i.e., completed surveys) for you to view.

What are the important websites for CoursEval™?

The main CoursEval™ website.
The CGHS website.

Event times are U.S. Central time zone

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