The College of Graduate Health Sciences uses CoursEval™ for the assessment of course efficacy and for feedback to the instructors(s). Every course having more than five students is evaluated using CoursEval™.

Things to know about CoursEval™:

  • All responses are anonymous; names will not be associated with any responses or comments.
  • Students must complete and submit the survey for CoursEval™ to get “credit” for survey completion. CoursEval™ records who has completed the evaluation. According to CGHS policy, students are required to complete the evaluation before receiving a final grade. Students who do not complete and submit the evaluation by the deadline will be given a grade of I (incomplete). If the student does not resolve the I by the end of the next semester, the grade automatically becomes an F on their permanent record. A letter grade of F cannot be changed.
  • Course directors will provide students with the starting and ending dates of the evaluation.

Event times are U.S. Central time zone

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