Energy Management

Energy costs in the Memphis area have soared over the past years. These costs directly affect the University's operating budget. The Office of Facilities is responsible for the containment of these costs. This is achieved through investigation, testing, monitoring, upgrading, and replacing of the many components of UT's energy systems.

Strategies currently employed by the Office of Facilities include the following:

  • Reduce incandescent lighting
  • Install high efficient fluorescent fixtures
  • Install automation to control lighting and air conditioning
  • Maximize equipment efficiency through preventive maintenance
  • Modify building envelope for energy efficiency
  • Utilize energy efficient and water conserving products
  • Design new building with energy efficiency in mind
  • Research various energy providers for the most advantageous rates

While reducing costs is one thing, providing an environment conducive to learning is another. This department is always aware that its primary objective is to provide a safe, efficient, and comfortable learning environment and work place for the UTHSC Community.

The Office of Facilities has been given the responsibility to "lead the charge" in energy reducing strategies, yet ultimate success will be dependent on how we as individuals use energy. Turning off lights when not in use or having the thermostat adjusted, not just for comfort, but also for energy reduction, makes a big difference. Human involvement is much more effective than financial investment. It is important to remember as global citizens that we, in the past, have used a larger portion of energy resources than our neighbors. At UTHSC we are now shrinking that difference responsibly.

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