Renovations & Remodeling

Requests for renovation or remodeling work must be submitted on the Renovation Project Request Form, RPR. The RPR Form serves as the basis for design consultation, estimating, project scheduling, and funds transfer. RPR Forms may be filled out and submitted online or may be obtained from the Office of Architecture and Planning by calling 448-5503. The following procedures must be followed in submitting RPR Forms.

All Memphis Campus budgetary units, including projects to be charged to auxiliary and restricted accounts:

  1. SECTION I: The Unit Head initiates the RPR by filling out the online section of the RPR Form, which provides justification and descriptions of the work. The cost center name and number to which the project will be charged must be filled in before the project can be placed into active status by the Facilities Department or the Office of Architecture and Planning.
  2. SECTION II: After submitting the form, the project will then be reviewed by Facilities and the Office of Architecture and Planning to determine the costs that will be associated with the project. The RPR Form will be returned to the Unit Head for review and approval.
  3. SECTION III: The Unit Head reviews the estimate, ensures that funds are available for the project, and fills out Section III of the form. A person with signature authority over the account to be charged must sign the form in Section III. E-mail approvals of the estimates are also acceptable.
  4. After the approved RPR Form has been received, the Facilities Department, the Office of Architecture and Planning and the Space Utilization Department (if required) will review the project, assign a project number, and schedule the work for completion. Generally, projects are scheduled in the order in which the approved request for the performance of work is received. Necessary maintenance and repairs will normally take priority over renovation work. Academic program services work will receive the highest priority possible. If there is a special situation in which timing of completion of the work is critical, the Unit Head should contact the Director for Facilities at 448-5507 or the Director of Architecture and Planning at 448-5503.
  5. After the work has been accomplished, the RPR Form serves as the funds transfer document which is entered into IRIS. Department Heads who have questions about these charges should contact the Facilities Director at 448-5507 or the Director of Architecture and Planning at 448-5503.

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