The Center for Vision Research was established in 1998 to promote research efforts directed at preventing blindness in the state of Tennessee. We have a mandate to facilitate interactions between participating faculty member, through training of vision scientists and introducing clinical specialists to vision research. We also have an outreach to the greater community by interacting with undergraduate students and research institutions to increase awareness of vision research.

The members of the Center for Vision Research interact with other research institutes world wide, with 82 collaborative projects in the last year. The research projects include basic scientist and clinical projects in the same department (25), studies across departmental lines (37), and studies across national and international lines (20). Our programmatic approach to vision research has enhanced collaboration and interaction between basic scientists and clinical researchers. With the opening of The Hamilton Eye Institute we are now housed together at the same location. We fully expect this to further enhance our interactions leading to major translational projects taking science from the bench to treatments in the clinics.