UTHSC College of Dentistry Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

UT College of Dentistry Strategic Map, 2015-2018

Mission of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

To improve human oral health through education, research, clinical care and public service.

Philosophy of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry, a component college of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, is committed to the highest standards of achievement in all its programs. In accord with its mission and in the pursuit of excellence, the College of Dentistry values and emphasizes:

  • The education and graduation of competent oral health care professionals who are fully prepared with the cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills necessary to manage the oral health care needs of the communities they serve. Specifically included are the analytical and technological skills required to be efficient providers of quality oral health care, to be responsive to future changes in the profession, to be lifetime learners, to advance dental knowledge, and to become leaders in education and organized dentistry.
  • An active research program geared to develop and disseminate new knowledge in the basic, behavioral and clinical sciences, with a focus on knowledge which is directly applicable by the general dentist.
  • A high quality clinical care program providing comprehensive diagnostic, preventive and treatment services to a diverse patient population using contemporary methods, materials and technology.
  • Community service through involvement and leadership in community health-related programs. The College will join in community efforts to educate the public and promote oral health. Service to the profession will include continuing dental education programs, consultative services by faculty, and contributions to the dental literature.
  • An educational and patient care environment which facilitates a high level of understanding and sensitivity among faculty, students, staff and patients.

Goals of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

  1. (Student Access and Success): Educate and graduate dental health professionals and scientists who are professionally competent and in whom high ethical standards have been instilled, with appropriate emphasis on under-represented groups and on meeting the dental health workforce needs of Tennessee and Arkansas.
  2. (Research & Economic Development) Promote research achievements.
    1. (Clinical Care) Provide high quality clinical dental services to patients in all of its clinics.
    2. (Service) Provide our service area with appropriate leadership and support services normally associated with a College of Dentistry.
  3. (Effective and Efficient Use of Resources) Ensure a stable infrastructure and support system, including development activities, for the attainment of Goals 1-3B

Timothy L. Hottel,D.D.S.,M.S.,M.B.A., Dean

Strategic Planning Committee members

  • Dr. Mark Scarbecz, Ph.D., Chair ( Assistant Dean for Institutional Affairs)
  • Dr. J. Stansill Covington, III, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, Senior Executive Associate Dean for Research
  • Dr. Lloyd George, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Dr. Swati Rawal, Dept. of Periodontology and Faculty Representative
  • Dr. Janet Harrison, Chair, Curriculum Committee
  • Mr. Dan Brown, Assistant Dean for Finance
  • Ms. Brenda Scott, Director of Administration
  • Dr. Mojdeh Dehghan, D.D.S., Faculty President
  • Dr. David Redmond, D.D.S., Faculty Vice President
  • Dr. Ed DeSchepper, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

University of Tennessee Health Science Center Mission Statement

Strategic Planning
Committee Chair

Dr. Mark Scarbecz, Ph.D.
Phone: 901-448-6279
Email: mscarbecz@uthsc.edu

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