Educational Opportunities

Leadership training takes place in a variety of didactic settings. Boling Center faculty and staff serve on numerous local and state boards and discipline workgroups. Trainees are encouraged to participate with faculty and staff on these groups as part of their LEND training.

Interdisciplinary Leadership Training Seminars

ILT seminars are provided to the public during the fall and spring semesters and are four hours in length. ILT topics include ethics, research, professional practice, leadership, legislative and policy issues, and advocacy.

The ILT Colloquium Series are abbreviated workshop sessions where trainees present information on topics related to the Life Course of Developmental Disabilities, family centered care, people first language, self determination, concept of medical home, leadership, and cultural and linguistic competency. The Colloquium series is offered during the fall and spring semesters and are two hours in length.

Trainees also will present research related to their discipline through Brown Bag Presentations.Brown Bag presentations are given at the Boling Center at least once a month and highlight current research in the trainee’s discipline as it relates to health care and services for individuals with disabilities. Brown Bag presentations are usually one hour in length.

Family Mentorship

The purpose of the Family Mentorship Experience (FME) is to provide opportunities for LEND Trainees to learn about what life is like when a family is raising a child with a disability. Parents and siblings serve as teachers and the Trainees as the learners. Program components include home visits and bi-monthly contact via phone or email. Trainees follow the same family throughout their traineeship and share in the life experiences of that family.


Visiting with the family at home; including brothers and sisters


  • Individual Education Program and Support Group meetings
  • Medical and therapy appointments
  • Play dates in the park
  • Fund raising activities

Delivery of Chronic Care

Delivery of Chronic Care (DOCC) is a training program for Pediatric Medical Residents. This program is conducted through a formal curriculum of parent interviews and a home visit. Residents attending their one month rotation at the Boling Center will participate in DOCC and complete evaluation forms at the end.

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