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PCIT is one of the most effective treatments known for children with behavior problems between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Previous research has shown that families who complete PCIT services demonstrate improvements in the interactional style of caregivers, and improvements in the behavior problems of children at home and at school. Additionally, caregivers report less personal distress and more confidence in their ability to control their child’s behavior. PCIT has been shown to generalize to other siblings in the family and to maintain treatment gains up to 6 years following completion of services. The treatment has been found to be efficacious in treating behavior problems in children in the general population, in children with developmental disabilities, and children of varied ethnic groups.

At the BCDD, PCIT research includes evaluating the procedures, methods, and outcomes of provider training and service delivery. In particular, studies examine the use of PCIT with the specific populations served at BCDD and various other community agencies in Tennessee that provide mental health treatment to children. PCIT program evaluation informs future implementation of PCIT by determining the best methods of service delivery and training.


In addition to disseminating the clinical practice of PCIT through training programs, the PCIT Clinic is dedicated to encouraging the exchange of knowledge through community presentations and research conferences. Our Center has presented on PCIT at local and national conferences, as well as contributed to interdisciplinary leadership seminars that offer continuing education credits for mental health providers. As part of the dissemination efforts associated with PCIT, participation in training and research activities are expected to occur on an ongoing basis.

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