Medical College Admissions Test [MCAT]

All candidates are required to sit for the Medical College Admissions Test. Opens External Link The MCAT is a fully computerized test and will be offered numerous times on a national basis. Students following a regular program should take the MCAT in the spring of their junior year [April or May]. Scores are received within thirty-days of administration. A student should complete all admissions requirements prior to taking the test. Taking it "for practice" is not recommended since the resulting scores will become a permanent part of the applicant's record. The test must be taken no later than the September test preceding the year of anticipated admission. Students are urged to apply early and prepare adequately for the test.

The College of Medicine will accept scores from MCAT's taken no longer than five (5) years prior to the year of desired matriculation.

  • For those applicants applying to the 2016 entering class, the College of Medicine Admissions Committee will consider and evaluate the old MCAT exam, as well as, the new MCAT exam. The recent MCAT averages for entering classes have been a score of 10 in each subtest. Regarding scores from the new MCAT exam, the Admissions Committee will evaluate score percentiles. [A competitive score has not yet been determined]
  • If you intend to apply to the UTHSC College of Medicine for the 2017 entering class cycle, the Admissions Committee has not yet determined whether ALL applicants should be required to take the new Medical College Admissions Test. When a decision has been made, this information will be updated on the Medicine Admissions web site.

For detailed information regarding the Profile of Admissions, visit our Admissions profile page.

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