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External Advisory Committee Meeting Charter

Goal / Vision / Mission

TennIRM’s goal: To perform basic, clinical, and translational research in the areas of stem cell biology, 3D bio-printing, and tissue engineering. The goal is to translate scientific discoveries into new organ repair and replacement therapies for people suffering from organ damage.

Committee’s mission: To advance TennIRM’s vision of becoming the preeminent regenerative medicine body by providing a broad-array of expertise focused on science, education, industry partnership and regional economic development.


Committee Ground Rules 

  • Anyone can call ad hoc meetings as events unfold
  • Participate actively during and in between meetings as needed
  • Be mindful of time zone differences
  • Know TennIRM developments in real time
  • Prioritize attendance to three planned meetings per year

This charter is a living document and will evolve over time.


Scope / Role / Responsibility

  1. Advise on projects and communicate with investigators in between board meetings. Publish an annual Board Communique in the TennIRM Newsletter with reflections on past accomplishments and priorities for the next year.
  2. Set funding priorities for new project proposals by establishing a two-step review of applications consisting of a technical merit and a strategic board review.    
  3. Assist with fund raising initiatives and budget allocation not only to sustain operations but also to expand our initiatives.
  4. Drive economic growth in the state of Tennessee by developing a national and international outreach.
  5. Be local champions for TennIRM by communicating our vision and initiatives using both layman and scientific formats.
  6. Develop working relationships and collaboration with the leaders of MRC participating academic institutions and industries.
Feb 6, 2023