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Cost-Sharing Information


To: Deans, Faculty, and Business Managers
From: Joanne Hadley
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Subject: Proposals with Cost Sharing
Date: January 21, 2005

Effective immediately, when submitting proposals for grants or contracts that include cost sharing and/or matching, the attached UTHSC Cost Share Form should be filled out and the appropriate signatures obtained. This process must be completed first so the form is included with the proposal package that is submitted to the Office of Research Administration. Please see attached Word document for cost sharing definitions and criteria.

When a proposal is submitted for review to the Office of Research Administration, all committed cost sharing information should be included in the budget narrative as well as the budget. The Cost Share Form, signed by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Dean's Office, and the Chief Business Officer, should be included to document that cost sharing resources are committed and available. Research Administration staff will review the budget to ensure compliance with appropriate agency guidelines.

Please note that failure to comply with this process could result in a delay in submission of the proposal to the sponsoring agency.

If you have any questions regarding the Cost Share Form, please contact Melanie Burlison, of my staff, at (901) 448-8030.

Apr 27, 2023