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Sequencing & Genotyping

ABI Prism 3130xl Genetic AnalyzerABI Graphic

Automated DNA sequencing is accomplished with two ABI Model 3130XL Genetic Analyzers with four-color fluorescence-based sequencing.
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Applications Single and double stranded genomic DNA, Plasmids, PCR product
Abilities Base calls accurately up to ~700 bp or greater
Disadvantages Quality of sequencing greatly affected by primer concentrations, GC content, quality and quantity of DNA
Primers offered by MRC M13F(-21), M13R(-48 or -24), T7terminator, T7, BGH rev, SP6, T3
Plasmid sample amounts required (ngs) in nuclease-free water sample volume 12 µl in 0.5 ml tube Single Stranded DNA 10-50 ng
Plasmid(s) 700 ng
Cosmid or Bac DNA Contact us
Genomic DNA Contact us
PCR sample amounts required (ngs) in nuclease-free water sample volume 12 µl in 0.5 ml tube 100 to 200 bp 3-10 ng
200-500 bp 10-20 ng
500 to 1000 bp 20-40 ng
1000-2000 bp 40-50 ng
>2000 bp >50 ng
Primer concentration required 10 pmol
TempliPhi requirements 50 µl of fresh (19 hr incubation) plasmid bacterial culture
Software for analysis ABI Sequence Scanning Software
Chromas lite
Special Instructions All samples are submitted through DNAlims.
After you submit your samples please bring a copy of the submission form with your samples; clearly label tubes with initials and sample number.

Last Published: Sep 30, 2016