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Research Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Research Conflict of Interest (RCOI) now falls under the UTHSC Chief Research Officer and his Office of Research. 

Beginning March 15, 2016 all investigators involved in research grants, contracts and cooperative agreements will file a new electronic RCOI form at the time of every application submission via Evisions. The new form is specific to COI PART II, or RCOI, disclosures that are related to policies governing research. For the convenience of our UTHSC Investigators we have made the form short and very easy to complete; it will take you less than 5 minutes. You will get an automated email from Evisions notifying you of the need to fill out the form.

An initial screen of the RCOI forms is done by the RCOI Officer, Dr. Mark Miller, and if a conflict is noted, it is forwarded to the RCOI Chair and Committee. The RCOI Committee is a standing committee with expertise in research, ethics, law and finance. It has been assembled to assist our faculty when RCOI management plans are needed. This Committee is chaired by Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Dr. Steven Youngentob.

Link to UTHSC Fiscal policy FIO125

Last Published: Apr 5, 2019