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Reports, Policies, and Publications

UTHSC Institutional Research Accomplishments FY15-FY18

"We have witnessed tremendous Institutional Research Accomplishments in less than three years, which are the focus of this booklet." -Dr. Steven R. Goodman, Vice Chancellor for Research at UTHSC.

Read more about our Institutional Research Accomplishments for FY15-FY18

Operational Strategic Plan for Research

UTHSC is the leading State institution for research on the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Our research mission is linked with a mandate to train health care professionals and to provide state-of-the-art clinical care across the State. We strive to do better and aim to be competitive at the highest levels. This 2016 Operational Strategic Plan for Research lays out a pragmatic and ambitious course of action that will systematically strengthen and grow research at UTHSC, and that will harmonize our work with our partner institutions over the next five years.

Allocation of Research Space Plan

Meeting the current and future needs of the University's biomedical research program requires optimal usage of research space (a valuable and limited resource) throughout UTHSC. To accomplish this requires an open and transparent process that guides the assignment and usage of space.

Read our Allocation of Research Space Policy

Investigator Award Credit Allocation Policy

Approved by the UTHSC Research Council on January 4, 2017, this policy affects annual internal reporting of Grant Awards by College and, therefore, space allocation. It is designed to apportion credit for external research grant activity to both the principal investigator(s) (PI[s]) and the co-Investigator(s) (CoI[s]) based on their relative contributions to the project, as specified by the investigators.

Read our Investigator Award Credit Allocation Policy

Research Data Management (Retention and Ownership) Policy

This guidance describes the rights and responsibilities of the investigator related to those records, as well as the relationship between the University, and the research investigators, who carry out research under the University’s auspices.

Read our Research Data Management (Retention and Ownership) Policy.

Dashboard Report

A monthly report generated by the Office of Sponsored Programs. This report is published to provide the public with a better understanding of sponsored project activity at UTHSC.

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Last Published: Apr 18, 2019