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Better Pharmacy Practice

acpe logoBetter Pharmacy Practice is a web based distance learning seminar on pharmacy law, ethics, and professionalism, offered by the University of Tennessee and Albany Medical College.

The Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Medical College, in cooperation with the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, is pleased to offer this Web based, 25-hour credit pharmacy continuing education series, designed especially for distance learning to meet and exceed any required State Board of Pharmacy course covering pharmacy law, ethics, professionalism, boundaries, and remediation topics.  

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Seminar Details

Seminar Registration Fee: $2500.00
Seminar Total Hours: 25.0


Better Pharmacy Practice Course - This course provides training about law, ethics, professionalism, professional boundaries, and their relationship to real-world behaviors categorized as professional misconduct. This training may be needed after an allegation of professional misconduct, or some other inappropriate action has occurred.

ACPE: 0064-9999-19-062-L03-P
Course: Better Pharmacy Practice - Home Study Credit
Hours: 18.0

The home study portion of the course consists of five distance learning modules. These modules combine both personal, tailored approach to ensure a participant's specific needs are met, as well as a general approach to the field of pharmacy ethics, professionalism, and misconduct.

ACPE: 0064-9999-19-063-L03-P
Course: Better Pharmacy Practice - Live Credit 
Hours: 7.0

The live portion of the course consists of a one-on-one orientation and a one-on-one exit interview and discussion.

Last Published: Apr 25, 2019