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Frequently Asked Questions


I keep getting an email that I’m missing documents for admissions but I already sent them in. How do I fix that?

It can take up to 2 weeks for documents to be received and processed. If it has been longer than that, please contact the One Stop Shop at 901.448.7703 or

What is the EVEA requirement and how do I fulfill it?

The Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act (EVEA) (TCA 4-58-101 et seq.) was passed by the Tennessee legislature in 2012 and is effective for all students applying for admission for terms beginning Spring 2013 and later. The EVEA requires state public institutions of higher education to verify that persons seeking a “state public benefit” are either a “United States citizen” or “lawfully present” in the United States.

The term “state benefit” includes in-state tuition (see guidelines for in-state residency), lottery scholarship, academic scholarship, common market, or any other form of tuition assistance or waiver funded with state-appropriated dollars.  State benefit does not include tuition assistance funded privately, such as a scholarship from the institution’s foundation or a privately endowed scholarship.

This act in no way affects your admissibility to The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and only affects your fees to attend The University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

“Deferred action” status does not satisfy the requirement of “lawful presence” under federal or state law. Individuals in “deferred action” status are not eligible for state benefits.

What are the technical standards for my program and how do I satisfy them?

To see the technical standards for each program, please visit the UTHSC Catalog. All technical standards are reviewed and signed by students within the colleges. Instructions are provided by the colleges.

I want to know if a particular class satisfies a prerequisite requirement.

Students should view the Academic Catalog admissions requirements for their desired program found in the Academic Catalog.



How do I set up direct deposit?
To set up direct deposit, please follow these instructions.
How do I make a payment on my student account?
To make a payment on your account, please follow these instructions.
How do I get an emergency loan?
You can apply for an emergency loan by submitting the Emergency Loan form to your college’s student affairs office. If you are requesting more than $600, approval must also be given by your Financial Aid Counselor. Once completed and signed, the form should be submitted to the Bursar’s office.


Financial Aid

When will my financial aid disburse/when will I get my refund?
Financial aid disburses on or just before the start date of classes (as determined by the Registrar’s office). To see a particular disbursement date, please review the Estimated Cost of Attendance for your college.  Refunds are generated by the Bursar’s office shortly after loan disbursement. It can take 1-3 business days for your direct deposit refund to appear in your bank account, depending on the banking system.
How do I get a grad plus loan?
If you have not received educational assistance in an amount equal to your cost of attendance, you can apply for a Graduate PLUS (GradPLUS) loan by submitting an application online. If you’ve never taken a GradPLUS loan before, you will need to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the Grad Plus loan, too. You will be able to complete the MPN online while completing the application.




I want to check on the status of my transcript/verification request.
It takes 3-5 business days to process a request for students who attended post-1986 (and can take 5-7 business days to process a request for students who attended pre-1986). To check on the status of your request once the processing time has passed, please email or call 901.448.7703.
How do I request my transcript/enrollment verification?
To request a transcript, please use this form. We cannot transmit official transcripts via email or fax due to federal privacy considerations. To request an enrollment or degree verification, please use this form.
I’m an employer and I need to get an educational verification for a student/alumnus.
Requests for educational verification for employment or credentialing should be submitted to the National Student Clearinghouse using the school name ‘University of Tennessee Health Science Center’ (code 00672500). Any request submitted under the school ‘University of Tennessee’ goes to the incorrect school.
How do I get in-state residency?
For more information about residency reclassification (including relevant state law, application process and frequently asked questions), please visit
How do I change my name?
To change your name, please submit the Name Change Request form and include supporting documentation such as marriage license or court order.
How do I change my address?
 To change your mailing address, please visit the Personal Information tab on Banner Self-Service and choose the option to Update Addresses and Phones. To change your permanent address, please complete the Permanent Address Change form. Requests for permanent address changes from another state to Tennessee must be approved by the Registrar.
How do I drop/add a course? Why can’t I drop/add a course?
You can drop or add a course until 14 days after the start of the term. To add or drop a course, please visit the Student tab on Banner Self-Service, choose Registration, then Add/Drop Classes. After the 14 day from the start of the term begins the withdraw period of a course. You should consult with your Academic Department before dropping or withdrawing from a course. Your last course cannot be withdrawn online.

Other Questions

Why do I have a hold on my account?
There are many reasons you may have a hold. Please visit the Student tab on Banner Self-Service to review any holds you may have. Please contact the One Stop Shop ( with any questions after you visit Banner Self-Service.
What immunizations am I missing for a hold to have been put on my account?
To check which immunizations must be updated, you are encouraged to check your Verified Credentials account. Certain doses like TB & the Flu shot, are annual doses. If you have further questions about your immunization hold, you can contact for further assistance.  If you cannot gain access to your Verified Credentials account, you can contact client services at 800-938-6090 or Email:
I’m about to turn 26, how do I sign up for student health insurance?
We recommend you contact Holland Insurance at 888-393-9500, at least 3 weeks before the last date of coverage on your current plan, to request a starting date for the student health insurance plan. Your student health insurance rate will be pro-rated for the length of coverage between your start date and the end of the insurance term. You can also contact for more assistance.
I waived student health insurance but I’ve still been charged for it. 
All eligible students are charged for student health insurance every term. For students who have submitted an approved waiver, a credit will also appear on their student account in the same amount as the charge. The student health insurance charge will not be removed from your student account but the offsetting waiver credit will ensure that students do not pay for health insurance.  If you have reviewed your student account for the term and still believe that you have been improperly charged for student health insurance, please contact the One Stop Shop at 901.448.7703 or
I can’t log into Banner/Banner asks me for a PIN. 
If there is a problem with your password, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 901.448.222. If you are being asked for a PIN, please contact the One Stop Shop at 901.448.7703 or
How do I get my ID or parking pass?
ID pictures are taken by Campus Police.  No identification is issued until a student begins their program.  Parking passes can be purchased at Parking Services.  Both Campus Police and Parking Services are located at 740 Court Avenue.
Can I print something or use the computer? 
Yes, the One Stop Shop has three computer terminals and a printer for student use.
Nov 9, 2023