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Team-Based Learning

You are required to register your clicker or personal device, and read the information below before you attend New Student Orientation. You WILL use your clicker during New Student Orientation. Clickers may be purchased in the VolShop.

TBL Ground Rules

Be aware that as the year progresses, you will be asked to evaluate your peers with respect to their professionalism, ability to communicate effectively, and value to the team process. In preparation for that assessment, and to maximize team function throughout the year, take to heart these fundamentals of working in a team.

  1. Arrive on time. The IRAT will begin no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  2. Come prepared, always have your clicker or device with you.
  3. Texting or e-mailing during the exercise is not acceptable.
  4. Materials may not be photographed or copied in any way, even if the intended use is during the session only. Return all materials to the team folder, and do not remove the folder from the room. Failure to comply will result in a loss of all points by all team members for the session.
  5. Be an active listener, and encourage the expression of ideas/opinions of your teammates.
  6. Participate; share your knowledge with confidence and clarity.
  7. Ask questions and provide relevant information; stay on topic.
  8. Respect others and their point of view; be non-judgmental.
  9. Give and receive constructive criticism and comments with objectivity, accuracy, and respect.
  10. Focus on learning and application of knowledge and not on simply finding the "right answer."
  11. Do your best and not "just good enough."
  12. Earn the trust of your teammates by being reliable and straight forward; your team's performance will be significantly more than that of any one individual as trust develops between teammates.
  13. Demonstrate flexibility and remain composed when disagreements occur.
  14. Accept some level of silence, awkwardness, or impatience as your team learns to work together.
  15. Be willing to admit it when you don't know an answer and allow others the chance to teach you.

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021