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About the LCME

In the fall of 2021, UTHSC hosted a visit from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The LCME is the nationally recognized accrediting authority for medical education programs leading to the M.D. degree in the U.S. and Canada. The LCME is jointly sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Medical Association (AMA). In the U.S., the accreditation status of programs leading to the M.D. degree is determined solely by the LCME.

This type of review typically occurs every 8 years to ensure that that the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine (UTHSC COM) educational program meets the national accreditation standards set by the LCME. Successful accreditation is vital to our medical school and the university as it allows our students to receive financial aid, take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE Step 1 and Step 2), and participate in residency programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

We have now completed the data-collection phase of our institutional self-study, which was submitted to the LCME secretariat in July 2021. Our visit by the LCME survey team occurred in October 2021. Preparation of the self-study requires a massive effort by virtually every faculty member that contributes to the COM educational mission on our main campus in Memphis, and at our regional campuses in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville. Our students contribute a critical component to the self-study by providing their opinions via the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) and the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ).

The institutional self-study is not just an exercise in collecting data about our educational program, but it provides us with an opportunity to improve the educational experience for our students. Indeed, a key element of the self-study involves strategies for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). Together with the ISA, our CQI projects provide us with the tools needed to offer an exceptional medical education program designed to produce the next generation of physicians for the state of Tennessee and beyond.



2018 - Planning

Date Task Completion
January 2018 Creation of QICC with weekly meetings X
Jan - Dec 2018 QICC review all Standards and Elements X
Spring 2018 CQI policy developed X
Summer/Fall 2018 Initiate CQI plans for Elements requiring Continuous Monitoring X
Fall 2018 Dean appoints faculty fellow to serve as site team member. X
Fall 2018 Dean appoints faculty accreditation lead (FAL) and survey visit coordinator (SVC) X
Fall 2018 ISA committee formed X

2019 - Data Collection

 Date Task Completion
Mar - Jun 2019 Interview and select LCME consultant group via RFP process


Augt 1, 2019 Submit Status Report for Element 8.3 X
Aug - Sep 2019 ISA committee develops and deploys pilot survey X
Sep 24, 2019 Visit from MSAG X
Oct - Dec 2019 Assemble draft of DCI for gap-analysis X
December 2019 ISA deployment (over holiday break) X
December 2019 Submit DCI draft to consultants for review X

2020 - DCI and Self-Study

 Date Task Completion
January 2020 Reserve rooms/building for site visit X
Jan - Apr 2020 ISA survey analysis and summary report preparation X
April 2020 Whitt service on site team visit (4/26 – 4/29) X
May 2020 Submission of ISA report to QICC for review X
May 2020 Whitt & Wilcox - LCME Survey Prep Workshop X
July 2020 Finalize rosters for DCI sub-committees X
Sep - Nov 2020 Complete DCI after receipt of Class of 2020 GQ X
Fall 2020 Tour and select hotel for site visit team stay X
Nov 2020 Finalize roster for Self-Study Task Force X
Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 Institutional Self-Study report preparation X

2021 - DCI Submission & Survey Visit

 Date Task Completion
March 2021 “You said, We did” response to ISA X
Jan - Mar 2021 Collect and collate all appendix items X
Jul 12, 2021 Submission of Survey Package to LCME X
Aug 15-17, 2021 Mock site visit X
August 2021 Bundled update to LCME X
Oct 3-6, 2021 LCME site visit  X

Data Collection Instrument
ISA: Independent Student Analysis
Quality Improvement & Compliance Committee




Self-Study Task Force

Chair: Polly Hofmann, PhD
Senior Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

FAL: Michael Whitt, PhD
Associate Dean of Medical Education

SVC: Derek Wilcox, MBA
Senior Evaluation and Assessment Analyst

Angela Cantrell, PhD
Senior Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences Curriculum

Bill Dabbs, MD
Family Medicine Clerkship Director - Knoxville

Brady Allen, MD
Chair of Emergency Medicine and Assistant Dean of UME - Nashville Campus

Bruce Shack, MD
Dean, College of Medicine - Chattanooga Campus

Jacob Woodroof
Class of 2022 President

Jim Shaheen, MS
UTCOM Board of Visitors

Joel Finley, MD
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Resident, former UT COM student

Mary Ann Clark, EdD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Mukta Panda, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education and Well-Being, Chattanooga

Nick Verne, MD
Chair of Medicine

Paul Hauptman, MD, FHFSA
Dean, College of Medicine - Knoxville Campus

Ron Cowan, MD, PhD
Chair of Psychiatry

Sarah Shore
Class of 2023 President

Teresa Hartnett, EdD, MPA
Associate Dean of Finance and Administration

Tejesh Patel, MD, FAAD
Chair of Dermatology

Valerie Jameson, MD, FACP
Senior Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum


Independent Student Analysis (ISA) Committee

Phillip Link, Class of 2020

David LeVine, Class of 2022

Mary Best, Class of 2020

Matt Carnell, Class of 2021

Kenneth Coca, Class of 2021

Lydia Makepeace, Class of 2020

Ben Mallicoat, Class of 2020

Megan McGarel, Class of 2020

Katherine Nash, Class of 2022

Sarah Shore, Class of 2023

Quality Improvement and Compliance Committee (QICC)

Michael Whitt, PhD
Faculty Accreditation Lead

Derek Wilcox, MBA
Survey Visit Coordinator

Kristen Bettin, MD

Angela Cantrell, PhD

Sara Cross, MD

Matt Ennis, PhD

Polly Hofmann, PhD

Valerie Jameson, MD

Mark Miller, PhD

Steve Nace, MD

Vicki Park, PhD

Pat Ryan, PhD

Catherine Womack, MD

LCME Standards 1 & 2 DCI Subcommittee

Larry Pfeffer

Burt Sharp

Terry Cooper

Geoffrey Smallwood

Paul Hauptman

Robert Fore

Polly Hofmann

Austin O'Connor

LCME Standard 3 DCI Subcommittee

Matt Ennis

Catherine Womack

Tina Mullick

Andy Griffith

Charles Snyder

Cindy Russell

Melissa Taylor

Christopher Jackson

Ramie Mansberg

LCME Standard 4 DCI Subcommittee

Polly Hofmann

Amber Thacker

Richard Smith

Tom Laughner

John McCullers

Gary Klipple

Alan Kohrt

Tracey Doering

Donna Wilkinson

LCME Standard 5 DCI Subcommittee

Teresa Hartnett

Kelly Davis

Rick Fought

Michael Ebbs

Cindy Olson

Andrea Kolen

Dan Harder

Bill Metheny

Timothy Barton

Martin Croce

Irtiqa Fazili

LCME Standards 6 & 7 DCI Subcommittee

Kristen Bettin

Valerie Jameson

Pat Ryan

Derek Wilcox

Nicholas Verne

Steve Nace

Dan Wells

Paige Johnson

Trevor Sweatman

Angela Cantrell

Lydia Makepeace

Lynley Matthews

LCME Standards 8 & 9 DCI Subcommittee

Bill Dabbs

Vicki Park

Bindiya Bagga

Valerie Jameson

Michael Herr

Derek Wilcox

Allen Dupont

Kristen Bettin

Steve Boggs

Sarah Shore

Daniel Peters

LCME Standard 10 DCI Subcommittee

Mark Miller

Dustin Fulton

Catherine Womack

Owen Phillips

Lyndsay Pittman

Ann Salina

Justin Lomax

Matt Spence

LCME Standard 11 DCI Subcommittee

Sara Cross

Kimberlee Norwood

Nikki Dyer

Kathy Gibbs

Dipen Kadaria

Rosemary Stocks

Kenneth Coca

LCME Standard 12 DCI Subcommittee

Neena Thomas-Gosain

Kim Collins

Zshvetta Jones

Mukta Panda

Teresa Hartnett

Abigail Gardiner

Tammy Harrison

Jan 23, 2023