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Frequently Asked Questions

How many survey completions are we aiming for?
The minimum number of responses required is 85% (dictated by the LCME) but we would like to have a 98% completion (or higher!), which is on par with previous ISAs conducted at UTHSC-COM.
How long is survey?

Initial pilot survey completion rates took 30-40 minutes to complete. The ISA assumes the same length of time for the official survey sent to our students.

Can I stop the survey and come back to it later?

Yes. The survey automatically registers your responses to your specific address once you open it, and the survey automatically saves responses in the event you decide to end early without bringing it to completion.

* Please note, though, that responses will be counted after 1 month of inactivity, meaning where you end your survey is where your responses will be registered up to.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes. Any and all answers and responses put into the survey will be de-identified by the survey platform Qualtrics when the ISAC conducts its final analysis.

What if I have not had any sort of contact with any of the specific individuals mentioned in several of the survey questions? How am I supposed to rank them?  

There is a link to the individuals faculty page included within the survey question, where you can see a photo of the person to help your memory. In the event that you still do not feel comfortable rating the individual, you may select “no opinion.”

What if I cannot accurately express my opinion for survey questions using the given “Agree/Disagree” format?

Please select an option to the best of your abilities along the scale. If you feel as if your opinion is still not being accurately expressed, then there are free-response boxes included intermittently at the end of sections.

You are also welcome to pass additional feedback directly to the ISA Committee at

What sort of changes will be made with the ISA findings?

Institutional responses to the ISA findings will be determined and communicated with students over the next year.

What are the incentives for completing the survey?

Please see our Student Incentives section on our About page.

May 26, 2022