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Digitization to Digital Transformation (Dx)

In the past, UTHSC departments either retained paper copies of documents or stored them in Nolij, a document management system.

ITS’s goal is to support UTHSC during the digitization journey from paper to electronically stored documents, on the road towards full digital transformation (Dx)! OnBase by Hyland is one of the tools to help us on this journey.

OnBase provides a storage location for your electronic documents.  Robust security allows you to decide who can scan, view, redact, and delete documents.



Dx Definitions

Step 1: Digitization is the process of changing from analog or physical (such as paper records and texts, in person lectures, physical models, ID cards, and more) to digital form.

Step 2: Digitalization is the process of using digital technologies and information to transform individual institutional operations (such as admissions, course registration, research administration, payroll, procurement, and more).

Step 3: Digital Transformation (DX) is a series of deep coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution's operations, strategic directions, and value proposition.

OnBase Document Migration Timeline

Visual representation of OnBase document migration

Last Published: Apr 12, 2021