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Inter-Professional Student Council


The Interprofessional Student Council (IPSC) is a student-initiated collaborative between the colleges at UTHSC that promotes opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in educational, clinical, research, community outreach, and social settings.

 During Fall semester in 2013, two students from the College of Medicine saw the need to encourage interaction between students of different health professions, to gain experience collaborating with students from different backgrounds, to find opportunities for shared learning and to create opportunities for UTHSC students to work on interdisciplinary projects that benefit our school and community. This vision led them to develop IPSC, an organization that now has over 50 members representing 6 colleges at UTHSC.


The aims of the organization are to:

●      Enhance communication between colleges
●      Encourage interprofessional collaboration, education, and discussion
●      Provide community outreach opportunities
●      Facilitate student research
●      Promote professional development
●      Have fun!



Some reasons to join are to:

●      Learn to work with students from different educational backgrounds
●      Increase the collective impact of individual college efforts
●      Gain leadership skills
●      Enhance CV
●      Have fun and make friends
●      Opportunity to shape IPSC as an organization



Peg Hartig, PhD, APRN-BC, FAANP
Faculty Advisor


Helene Royster, Nursing



Kembral Nelson, Pharmacy
Vice President


Christina Chrinatanaphol, Pharmacy



Richard Lee, Medicine

May 26, 2022