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SmartFHR App

UTHSC has partnered with Green Circle Life to offer our employees the SmartFHR App, a comprehensive HR, health, and wellness application.

This app is available for download to your mobile device in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it is also accessible through your web browser. This app allows employees and their families to access their UTHSC benefits in one place, as well as manage their health and wellness!

SmartFHR Features:

  • Access all of your benefits in one place via the Benefits dashboard
  • Give your family members access to the app
  • Share information with colleagues via the Bulletin Board
  • Improve your health and wellness via the Wellness Assessment and Wellness Programs
  • Manage chronic conditions via Care Programs
  • Track and monitor your vitals and daily activities
  • Learn about various aspects of health and wellness via Digital Coaching
  • Be reminded to take daily medications
  • Track immunization schedules
  • Store your documents securely in one place
  • Access UTHSC resources and other information

screen shot of an iphone screen with the application menu from the MyWellness app.
screenshot of an iphone screen with the health menu on the MyWellness app.
screenshot of an iphone screen with the wellness menu displayed on the MyWellness app.

Last Published: Oct 22, 2019