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Biomedical Symposium

Committee Co-Chairs: Jessica Baker and Manal Alshakhs

GSEC will be hosting the first annual UTHSC Biomedical Symposium on September 20th, 2019. We seek to bring together bright minds to foster an environment of learning, inspiration, and wonder through idea-focused presentations covering a wide range of subjects with the ultimate goal of provoking meaningful scientific conversations.

To get involved: Students can volunteer for subcommittees such as scientific programing, general services (food, venue, etc.), media (spread to community), speaker services (transportation), and publications (banner, signs). This is a great way to network and get experience hosting a symposium similar to ones held at conferences. Anyone willing to help before or during the event is most welcomed and appreciated.

3 Minute Thesis

Committee Chair: Cory Parks

This committee is responsible for organizing an official 3 Minute Thesis® competition on our campus in the fall of 2019. This event is paired with the Professional Development committee, seeking to give students the opportunity to refine their public speaking skills and communicate their research to a wide audience.

For more information, visit the 3 Minute Thesis website.

Interview Weekend

Committee Chair: Kelsey North and Briar Bell

This committee will work to help run two interview weekends for the IBS program. This includes tasks such as taking interviewees out to an after-dinner social and a driving tour around Memphis.

To get involved: Student volunteers will be needed to help provide transportation for interviewees and all current IBS students are welcome to join interviewees for the dinner and social.

Graduate Research Day

Committee Chair: Kamalika Samata and Kavya Annu

The role of this committee is to plan, organize, and execute Graduate Research Day (GRD). This all-day event aims to showcase the research and talent of CGHS by hosting student poster and seminar presentations. GRD is a great opportunity for students to develop presentation skills and stay up to date with the exciting research happening all around campus!

Awards Ceremony/End-of-Year Celebration

Committee Co-Chairs:Jayce Weesner and Jessica Baker

This year we will host our first annual Awards Ceremony/End-of-Year Celebration in the Spring semester. This event is to celebrate students completing another year as well as highlighting specific accomplishments such as passing PhD candidacy qualifying exams, publications, presentations, grants, etc. All students will be invited and involved as well as faculty to help promote student participation in GSEC and events.

Professional Development

Committee Chair:Keyur Parmar and Stephanie Staszko

The goal of this committee is to organize events to help CGHS students develop professional skills, distribute information about careers outside of academia, and provide networking opportunities. Professional development events can include lunch and learns, happy hour networking, career panels, workshops on grants, interview skills practice, etc.

Community Outreach

Committee Chair:Chidi Zacheaus and Kelsey North

The mission of the community outreach committee is to provide information to students about volunteer and service opportunities in the Memphis area and to co-ordinate group volunteer opportunities for students. The goals of the Community Outreach committee are to (1) increase awareness of UTHSC CGHS students of the needs of the community, (2) increase participation of students in service projects around Memphis, (3) provide opportunities for students to learn the skills required to address the needs of the community, (4) develop an ongoing/recurring service project that meets these goals, and (5) to provide students with the resources required to pursue service opportunities as individuals.

To get involved: All students are encouraged and welcomed to get involved with the community outreach! Interested students can contact the committee chair for more information.


Committee Chair:Chris Pitzer, Briar Bell, and Bianca Jackson

The social committee hosts fun events to allow students to interact in a relaxed environment. For a full list of events, visit the Graduate Student Executive Council events page. All CGHS students are welcome to attend events and can volunteer to help organize events by contacting the committee chair.


Committee Chair:Brittany Correia

GSEC fundraising supplements the regular budget by providing additional freedom to improve events and to serve as a buffer for unforeseen costs. This money is suited to expand GSEC’s visibility and capability. The Fundraising committee is responsible for generating fundraising ideas/items, advertising to students and faculty, and maintaining a well-organized budget to track funds.


Committee Chair:Jayce Weesner and Rebekah Honce

The marketing committee promotes the purpose and image of GSEC and ensures consistent presence of GSEC on campus, specifically maintaining GSEC Facebook and Instagram. They work with the Marketing Department on creating and revising logos, work with the Webmaster to update and maintain the GSEC website, and help other committees design and distribute advertising materials.

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021