Needlestick Protocol

  1. Cleanse the wound thoroughly with antibacterial soap
  2. Notify your supervisor and the OSHA coordinator
  3. Notify Brittany Moore at UTMG Human Resources at (901) 866-8109
  4. Report to the nearest Methodist Hospital emergency room within 2 hours or as soon as possible
  5. Fill out exposure report forms
  6. Identify source individual if possible
  7. Obtain blood from source individual if person will allow
  8. Document source individual's refusal to allow blood testing
  9. Test source individual's blood for HIV, HBV, HCV
  10. Disclose results of source individual's blood testing to employee and consulting physician
  11. Receive report from consulting physician
  12. Administer post-exposure prophylaxis if recommended
  13. Provide counseling to employee
  14. Evaluate illnesses reported by employee