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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WEPA?

  • WEPA is cloud-based printing which enables you to relay prints from anywhere on or off campus from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can then release a print at any print station.

Where can I print in color?

  • At any kiosk with a color logo icon on the status table

Can I copy/scan?

  • GEB B110 has two document scanners. The library also has a document scanner. Use the scanners or the WEPA mobile app to scan. Print at a print station like any other document.

Where are my printing funds?

  • Each student is awarded $420 worth of prints for the length of their academic program. This amount is not billed to the student or pulled from tuition. ITS pays WEPA on the student’s behalf. If you start a new program or repeat a term, then you are eligible for more virtual funds. Please contact the lab manager, Camielle Smith, at 901.448.1408 or with questions about your account status or award adjustments.

What happens when I run out of printing funds?

  • If a student has exhausted their university provided print award, then they can choose to add funds to their WEPA account using a personal payment method such as a credit card or PayPal account. If a student has added their own money to their WEPA account, then WEPA can refund any unused amount to the original payment method. This type of refund can be honored even after graduation. Reach WEPA via chat at or email or call 1.800.675.7639 for refunds. Print credit provided by the university cannot be exchanged for cash.

How do I convert a PDF back to a PowerPoint?

  • In Adobe Acrobat select, File -> Export to -> Microsoft Powerpoint.

How do I combine PDF files?

  • Hold down CTRL to select multiple PDFs. Right-click on a selected PDF. Choose combine files in Acrobat.

What if I want borderless prints?

  • Borderless printing is not possible on standard printers. Visit the Print and Copy Center for specialized printing.

Why can I only edit some documents at the kiosk?

  • Only USB and Cloud services allow for editing at the kiosk. WEPA assumes you're done modifying the document when you send it via the computer or phone or email.

What's the difference in OneDrive and Office 365 cloud service?

  • Office 365 is for businesses and works best with your UTHSC account.

My Word document is printing strangely?

  • While at a computer, make sure the document is set to print on letter-sized paper. You can check this setting in the print menu.

My PowerPoint will only print in color.

  • On a Windows machine, choose File then Print then find View. Select Grayscale or Black and White under the View dropdown. On a Mac, make sure a black and white WEPA printer is selected.

How do I print multiple slides per page from my iPad?

  • In the WEPA app print menu, when you're uploading a PowerPoint file, there is a "Print What?" option. Under "Print What?" choose handouts and choose the number of slides per page. More info on iPad printing can be found here:

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021