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Other Common Questions

Should I document my concerns?

Yes! You can use your own system or write a Memorandum to your record and provide it to the CARE team.

Is the CARE team like "big brother," or the tv show, “Point of Interest”?

No, the intent is not to watch students like "big brother," or spy on students in secret. Instead, BIT acts as collaborative and preventive support network to the community. It can be scary to hear or witness information that makes someone feel uneasy or worried about what another person might do and they don't always know where to take that concern. We are the place to provide support in those situations and will use our training and knowledge to review and develop intervention plans to address concerning behaviors brought to our attention.

What if I am wrong about the student?

You are sharing a concern based on an observed behavior (e.g., verbal exchange, action, etc.), not making a determination. By alerting the appropriate campus representatives, a safety determination can be made and community resources can be used to provide assistance to the student.

Is my name protected?

The name of the person who shares a concern the CARE team will be kept confidential when possible. There are some cases in which the identity of the person who shares a CARE concern must be divulged. When you would like to keep the fact that you submitted a CARE referral confidential, please indicate this in the CARE concern. It is important to note however that confidentiality cannot be kept at all times and students may realize that you submitted a referral through indirect ways (such as details related to the incident or information only shared by the student with one person on campus).

Where can I read more about the UTHSC CARE Team at UTHSC?


If the concern is that a student may engage in violent behavior, toward self or others, and the threat appears to be imminent, the employee should contact the UTHSC campus police immediately at 901.448.4444

Feb 5, 2024