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What happens after a concern is shared?

Upon pressing "submit" you will be redirected to a page thanking you for your submission. If you do not receive this message, please contact a CARE staff member at 901.448.5056 or to report the problem. In certain circumstances you may be contacted to provide additional information about your concern. If you are not contacted and you have received the submission message, rest assured that your concern l is being reviewed and acted upon. If you would like an update on the student about whom you shared a CARE concern, please contact a CARE staff member at We will share information regarding this student as appropriate and in the student's best interest.

  • Here are the typical steps we take once we receive a CARE concern:
  • In most cases the student of concern will be contacted by the Care Navigator. If CARE is unable to reach the student, we will elicit other resources on campus to reach out.
  • During our discussion with the student we determine what resources best fit the student's needs and help the student connect with these resources.
  • We continue to follow up with the student until they are aware of, or connected to, appropriate resources.
  • You will receive an e-mail or phone call indicating that the concerns in the CARE Referral have been addressed.

If you have shared your CARE concern anonymously, please consider the benefits of telling the student about your submission:

  • The student may feel more comfortable accepting an invitation to meet with a CARE staff member instead of receiving a "random" check in e-mail.
  • It may remove the mystery and defensiveness that can be associated with hearing that someone submitted an anonymous referral.
  • The conversation may lead to more details about the concern, which may help expedite the process of getting the student help.
  • You will not receive an email indicating that your concerns have been received or addressed.
  • Students often appreciate knowing that someone cared enough to suggest they meet with a professional who can help.

If you continue to have concerns about the student, would like to inquire about the status of the shared concern, or would like to schedule an appointment to ensure you are supported through this process, please do not hesitate to contact the CARE team at

After sharing a CARE concern, we encourage faculty/staff to check in with a CARE staff member whenever he/she has an update, a change in level of concern (both positive and negative), or any related questions about the student, incident, or concern. The CARE staff member will share information as appropriate and when it is in the student's best interest.

Information about when to share a concern, how to speak with a distressed student, CARE-related resources, and other frequently asked questions can be found on these web pages.

If you have a question or concern that is not addressed, please contact a CARE staff member at 901-448-5056, #takecare After Hours line 901.690.CARE (2273), or

May 26, 2022