Travel Policy

The University of Tennessee policy on travel requires all travel to be preapproved, including student travel. Supplemental funding for medical students wishing to travel abroad (for service only; not for credit) can be obtained by submitting an application to the UTHSC CIAO Program.

This type travel is not considered official UT travel; however, students traveling abroad using funds awarded by the CIAO Program must be preapproved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs prior to departure .

All other forms of student travel (e.g., OSR meetings, AAMC student conferences, etc.) must be in accordance with official UT travel policies.

Travel Abroad

The Office of Student Affairs is now requiring that all students traveling abroad, including those using supplemental funds awarded by the CIAO Committee, must complete and return the following forms to the Office of Student Affairs, 910 Madison Avenue, at least 2 weeks prior to travel departure date. If you need assistance completing these forms please contact Debbey Hester at 901.448.5684.

FOR CIAO TRAVEL(For service only; Not for Credit) ONLY

To apply for supplemental funding for your medical service activities through CIAO, you must first complete and return a CIAO Award application. The CIAO Committee meets twice a year (early spring/late summer) to review all potential CIAO awards. After reviewing all applications, the CIAO Committee will select applications to present to the COM Medical Student Public Service Committee for final approval. Approved applications will receive an award notification letter from the Office of Student Affairs within 3-5 days following the approval of the application.

If you have been selected to receive a CIAO award, Congratulations! To receive your CIAO award, however, you must complete and return a Travel Packet and Checklist (included with the award notification letter) to Debbey Hester, 910 Plaza Room 1043, within two (2) weeks of receiving the notification letter.

NOTE: Students not completing the CIAO Travel Packet and Checklist as required will be subject to forfeiture of funds awarded through CIAO. In most cases, award checks can be picked up from the Office of Student Affairs within three (3) days prior to travel. Students will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs when the award check is available for pick-up.

Upon return from your CIAO supported adventure, students must return the following documentation to the Office of Student Affairs (910 Plaza, Suite 1043):

Airline Reservations

To ensure full reimbursement of travel, students traveling on official UT business which requires air travel, must make air travel reservations through the University's travel agency WOrld Travel Service, inc. The Office of Student Affairs will assist with the travel reservations or provide the telephone number for the student to call directly. The air travel may be charged to the student's credit card and will be reimbursed through the University following completion of travel. If the student does not wish to charge the airfare to a personal credit card, the Office of Student Affairs can provide a written request to the campus Business Office before the travel dates and the Business Office will issue a transportation request authorization number to the travel agency. The student must book airline reservations as far in advance as possible to take advantage of reduced airfares. Students must take advantage of reduced round-trip rates when available. Travel must be by the most direct route possible. Individuals traveling by an indirect route must bear any additional expenses. One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.

Automobile Rental

Students should take advantage of taxis or hotel provided transportation whenever possible. If the student requires a rental car, prior approval must be received. A student must be 25 years of age to be eligible for a rental car. One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.

Use of Personal Automobile

If a student uses a personal automobile for travel, a travel itinerary must be provided to include the odometer/trip meter reading. If an indirect route is used, mileage as indicated in the Rand McNally Road Atlas or a comparable mileage table will be considered official. One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.

Taxi Fares

If an individual travels by common carrier, reasonable taxi, bus or hotel limousine charges to and from airports can be reimbursed. Reasonable taxi fares will also be allowed for travel between lodging and meeting sites. Taxi fares for personal use will not be reimbursed (entertainment purposes). One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.

Airport Parking

When possible, students should take advantage of reduced parking rates at facilities nearby the airport. One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.


Lodging expenses will be reimbursed at the rate of $60.00 per night in state and $80.00 out-of-state. Students attending an official meeting will be reimbursed up to the maximum for the official convention lodging rate. The rate plus applicable taxes will be reimbursed provided the documentation confirming the rate is attached to the travel authorization request. One room per receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.


A $5.00 check-in expense may be claimed without a receipt to help defray the cost of tips.

Registration Fees

The Office of Student Affairs will prepare a request form to pay registration fees in advance.One receipt per student will be accepted. Receipt required for reimbursement.

Travel with Spouse

The University does not reimburse expenses for guest travelers.

Reimbursement of Travel

Upon return from travel, all students must provide receipts to the Office of Student Affairs in order to receive reimbursement. The Office of Student Affairs will prepare a travel reimbursement request for the student's signature. Reimbursement takes approximately 10 days.

Required Receipts

Upon return, the student must provide original itemized receipts for the following:

  • Registration Fees
  • Lodging
  • Airline Ticket
  • Rental Car
  • Ground travel expenses (e.g., gas for personal vehicles, taxi fare, bus fare, shuttle fairs, etc.)
  • Any other allowable expenses over $50, except ground transportation


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